What a week

I’m really not sure where the past week of my life went. Actually, I do know. I’ve been pulling double duty and work due to the shit show that happened in Texas and my coworkers being off-the-map for several days. Luckily the clients were understanding of the fact that our Texas crew was unavailable and I don’t have a biochemistry degree like each of them have. We made due.

Speaking of what happened in Texas – holy shit balls. I feel so deeply for everyone who’s had their lives turned upside down by the aftermath of that winter storm. It’s going to cost hundreds of millions (if not billions) of dollars and take years to recover from that storm. A storm which I think pointed out a fatal flaw in Texas infrastructure in that, it’s not prepared for weather fluctuations. Luckily, for each of my coworkers on our Texas crew, they’re relatively well-off (financially speaking). I can’t imagine what people are going through who live pay cheque to pay cheque. This must be their worst nightmare come to fruition.

I know there are a few people who read this blog who are from Texas. I hope that you’re safe, warm and staying as sane as possible amidst the cleanup from this winter-storm.

23 thoughts on “What a week

  1. Perfect timing, V. I was just thinking, “I haven’t seen a post from V in a while” and then I see this.

    I guess one is never fully prepared to face Mother Nature’s unexpected storms. I was surprised that Texas got hit with so much snow. Someone told me that they get snow every 10 years! My husband has cousins who live Texas and they sent us pictures of the snow, and them building snowmen and sledding (they’re adults). They were also out of power for a few days and took advantage of the snow days.

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    1. Just been doing double-duty so the Texas crew can clean up the aftermath of the storm. One of my coworkers had her toilet freeze over, crack and leak to ruin all their floors. All of them were without power for several days.

      Yeah, it snows occasionally in Texas, but from what I’ve told it’s more of that dusting… like we get in late spring/early May from time to time. This much snow, this much cold weather just completely rocked their infrastructure. I don’t want to see people struggling. It’s hard, you know?

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  2. I’ve seen images of the storm, but the italian media hadn’t paid much attention to that.. Someone may think “it’s just snow”, but it’s not, and the consequences of these hard and innatural events are under our sight. Hope everyone will be safe, financially too

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  3. The weather in Texas was very unexpected; when I read the news, I couldn’t believe it! And it’s no wonder that Senator Ted Cruz (who represents the state) has gotten a lot of flack for not doing anything to help; it had to take President Biden for a call-to-action to happen! I have a few friends who live in Texas, and I hope they’re doing okay…certainly a wild week, to say the least…

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    1. I wasn’t shocked that Senator Cruz fled to Mexico and then backpedaled his story four-or-five times. I do think that people of substantial influence should use their influence for good in times of crisis. If he really wanted to, he could make one tweet and probably raise a lot of money for people really struggling. But, his talking points are that he can’t do anything, so… it sucks for everyone. Wild, wild weather.

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    1. Yeah, I heard about that too. I’m not too sure how it works in Texas but if that’s the case that in an emergency power companies can raise the price of power, that’s really not okay.


  4. I heard it was bad in texas! I only heard because a good friend of mine lives there and she was without power, water, and lots of other amenities for days. Its just awful! Hope next weeks better for you V!

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  5. Yes, my partner and is family were in it big time for most of the first part of the week. His Mom and Aunt are 70+ so no electricity or heat was brutal for them for days. The driving was treacherous, a truck plowed into their corner, luckily only proper was damaged. His cousin had pipes burst that flooded the house. Needless to say no one was prepared for it and the governor…let’s not go there with his poor decision making. Thankfully he will finally be returning here to Florida Thursday in time for my Dad memorial service Saturday. My Mom chose to hold it 45 years to the day of their first date. As it gets closer she is reliving his loss all over again.
    I for one am happy the people of TX are in the clear now weather wise. Funny that my partner was stranded there when he lost his FL ID and was waiting on me to get a replaceable out to him. All we can do is use humor at this point 🤪😆🤗

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    1. Well I really hope that his family is going to be okay and they don’t have too much damage to have to recover from. It’s good that he’ll be able to get back to Florida and that he’ll be there for your dad’s memorial.
      Sending you love and strength to get through the memorial ❤

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  6. I live in Minnesota and someone had posted a comment about how it was funny that everyone was freaking out about snow in Texas. In the comments a lot of people explained some of the tragedy’s that have happened due to them not being prepared for snow. It changed my outlook! To me snow is so normal that it took the reading of those comments to make me realize that even though it’s normal for me, doesn’t mean it’s not deadly for someone else. My prayers go to all the people down south that have been affected.


  7. Being subjected to that cold for days on end is something only homeless people would be able to truly relate to. To suddenly have a lot of the modern protection from the weather taken away at the worst time would really expose you to just how harsh cold weather is. Especially if you don’t have people around you so can huddle into a room for warmth. And you can’t light a fire in your house. When they look back from the height of summer it’s going to be a surreal memory!!! It’s really hard to picture this happening in somewhere like Texas.


  8. Yup. It’s unbelievable how Texas fell apart. Electricity –what’s the alternative. So many there have solar but that didn’t help. We all need to really learn some lessons from the catastrophe. I sure hope everyone is okay now and getting back on their feet.

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