In a turn of events that no one could’ve ever seen coming, my three week old nephew is being air-lifted to Children’s Hospital tonight.

In a matter of three hours the diagnosis went from ‘oh it’s just a cough’ to ‘we don’t have the ability to treat him at this hospital and we need him to be around specialists that can treat this condition’.

He’s three weeks old.

So small. So helpless. So powerless.

This is just… worst nightmare scenario right here. And no one can do anything about it.

66 thoughts on “Anxious.

  1. Sweetheart I’m sending little man all the love, hugs, kisses and fairy dust in the universe and he’s a fighter, he fought when the professionals didn’t have a clue and he’s fighting now,
    It’s not about me but I’ve been through something similar and I can’t understand what you are going through but I understand the worry and pain because I’ve lived something similar
    Keep your head up and in three years when he’s being a cheeky monkey you can send him for snacks and treats for you and say you worried me so it’s your job to look after me now 😂 he adores you at three weeks and he will adore you forever
    Stay strong and if you need or want to talk privately (email) let me know and I’m here
    Keeping everything crossed for you and your family and sending all the healing and positive vibes I can beg borrow and steal as well as all of my own
    He will battle through this, it’s scary hearing specialists but it’s the best thing because they have the smaller dr tools they need to help him without the paediatric supplies they couldn’t do what he needs drs to do because everything would be too big for him! He’s in good hands and specialists who chose to fight for tiny little superhero’s when they needed a bit of extra help
    I’m here day or night
    (I don’t know if it will give you my details when I fill in what’s below but if not find me on here – I’m following your blog and mines – Honestly Harley- if you need anything or just to vent to a stranger)
    Stay strong you’re going to need your strength when you get to give him a cuddle when he’s all better xx


  2. May be no human can, but God Almighty can for there’s nothing impossible for him to do. He gave wisdom to doctors and he himself is the greatest physician ever. So dear, don’t give up, be strong and look up to God, talk to him as a father and friend_ pour your heart to him with sincerity, coz he’s waiting on you to do that. If you do, he will come in and take total control of the situation.
    Know He loves you, your nephew and your family so much; more than you can imagine.
    Stay strong!


    1. He’s going to be in the hospital for the next 8-12 weeks. He’s responding well to medication but, because he’s so young and so small, he’s going to have to stay until he’s fully healed.


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