He’s doing okay.

Baby Harry is in the NICU at Children’s Hospital being treated. He’s been responding to medications well thus far, and the doctor’s are hopeful he will continue to be that way. They’ve given my brother and sister-in-law the estimate they’re expecting to keep him for a full four weeks as to ensure he properly heals from his condition, at which time he’ll likely be sent to a hospital closer to home to be monitored/quarantined.

He looks pretty rough right now. They’ve got a PICC inserted into him to keep him medicated, and because he’s a baby, they’ve had to wrap all of his limbs to ensure he doesn’t pull it out. Through this I learned that babies blood vessels are so small and underdeveloped that you have to use a PICC because an IV line like they would put in adults isn’t do-able in a baby.

My brother was pretty distraught for a few days but now he understands that he’s in the right place and that Children’s Hospital with doctors who specialize in treating newborns is exactly the kind of place that he needs to be, and should be, right now. I think that he and my sister-in-law, while still stressed their baby is sick, are feeling much calmer now that he’s been responding to medication. They joked ‘this is going to be one hell of a story to tell him when he’s older’, which was a great sign to hear.

35 thoughts on “He’s doing okay.

  1. This little guy sounds like a real fighter…so does your bro and sis-in-law. I can’t even begin to imagine how hard that all is. Hugs to all. This will be a story you tell him as he grows. … a warrior story. oxox

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      1. He will. I sincerely believe that. And his family too will get thru this *with* him… Keep us posted.


  2. Relieved to hear this. I had been thinking about him earlier. I can imagine the feelings your bro and sister-in-law have been experiencing.How awful for them, but so glad he’s in the best place.

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  3. Parents when their children fall sick would do anything for them. I can relate to your brother. My daughter gave us some bad scares because of her diabetes. It was hard to regulate her sugars, because she was a child. It then gets scary when they hit puberty.
    I will continue to keep your brother, sister-in-law and of course your tiny nephew.
    v, thank you for this update about the little guy.


  4. It’s very scary that your nephew is in the NICU. If there is any place I trust that delivers good care, it would be ACH (Alberta Children’s Hospital). Sending my prayers your way 🙏🏻💕 Baby Harry may be tiny, but he is strong and will get though this.


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