Two Factor Authentication

This past week there were multiple failed attempts to get into both my blog as well as my email address associated with this blog. I do not know who it was, I just know the region their IP address is from.

I’m not really sure why this happened. I’m not sure if I pissed someone off, or if I was just a random person selected. That being said, I do have two-factor authentication on my accounts, which means in order to log in, I need to approve it from my cell phone. While I denied the log-in attempts, whomever did this attempted to do so enough times for me to get temporarily locked out of my accounts… which was a giant pain in the ass.

The reason I’m sharing this story is because you really don’t know who has what motivations. Do your own due diligence and use two factor authentication. It’s a 2 second time commitment for logging into your accounts and it can just provide your own peace of mind to ensure your personal information and data are safe.

28 thoughts on “Two Factor Authentication

    1. Amen. I wholeheartedly agree.
      With credit card information, it’s so much more of a pain in the ass because that deals with your finances. I don’t know WTF someone would want with a blog…


  1. Yeah I wouldn’t try to read into it too much, there’s nothing really to suggest it wasn’t just a random systematic attempt. Once email addresses have been found, they’re often used to attempt logins on all kinds of services. A good source of email addresses for them to try are those big data leaks from companies that happen occasionally, which is why unique passwords/2-factor are so important :). I would just view this as a success of your good security measures!

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  2. I had a problem with my Facebook account for about a month until I got the 2 factor authentication app on my phone. I haven’t had problems since then. It was so strange. I kept seeing a log on in Ohio! Then I noticed my Facebook account kept getting connection issues. After I changed my password on many of my other accounts, including email and used the Google Authentication app, it stopped.


    1. I reckon it was probably a bot attempt. I use the information associated with this blog whenever I need to sign up for something I don’t totally trust my information with. So I probably wound up on some nefarious list somewhere.

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  3. That’s awful! What is wrong with people? I don’t understand. I have had multiple problems with emails but not on WP so far. I’m glad you have the 2 step authentication. Perhaps I should do that too. Thanks for the warning….hope it doesn’t happen again!

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    1. Two factor authentication provides added peace of mind that your data and information are protected and safe. There’s no harm in doing so, if you consider it.


    1. It’s more-than-likely that I wound up on a nefarious list. Whenever I have to sign up for something that I don’t totally trust, I use the information associated with this blog. So, it’s probably my own fault. lol

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      1. Gee. Maaaaybe πŸ˜‚ Or maybe it’s the thousands of people you’ve pissed off via your day job that we always hear about, like Axel or Jake.


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