My Day Job

I keep posting this and then sending it back to my drafts folder to make edits. I really should just leave it up.

When it comes to work, I’ve talked a lot about how I work in marketing, communications and public relations. This is all true. My position is one of those chameleon positions that tends to change based on the day. I don’t have a set description of duties because those duties change depending on what is happening.

Here’s a little bit of an explanation of what being Director of Marketing entails:

I draft emails, press releases and professional reports for distribution and print in three countries on two continents, hoping to expand to eight countries on three continents in the next 12 months. I also edit emails, press releases and professional reports and act as the last set of eyes to see information before it’s distributed externally.

I maintain the company website. This involves daily maintenance and upgrades, adding and removing content, collecting registration information, optimizing SEO for the company and much more. I also use the company website to run the company blog – something that has become a bit of a behind the scenes look at the magic my coworkers create.

I create and maintain Google Ads for the company as a measure to help direct even more people to our company website. This is done through identifying what terminology is important to our executives, as well as using an SEM/Keyword Search Tool to stay up to date on what the most popular trends on Google are.

I encourage clients to leave reviews about our company and the software that we sell because I understand the importance of reviews to people who are considering investments of six figures in specialized software like that which we sell.

I manage a sales team of seven people. We’ve been developing and executing a sales plan over the past five months to grow awareness of our products around the world, and hopefully increase our clientele.

I am in charge of graphic design for the company. This includes adding any new design templates to our website, creating info-graphic advertisements for both print and digital publications, designing animations for our YouTube channel and I’m sure a half dozen other places that I can’t think about at the particular moment that I’m writing this. I have more than 800 fonts on my computer and I can tell you which are good fonts for which occasion by the back of my hand. Types of fonts, colours, sizes of documents/images/graphics, they all matter deeply when it comes to consumer purchasing trends.

I make videos for our YouTube channel. It’s pretty self-explanatory.

I manage the company’s social media platforms, ensuring a balance between promotion and showcasing the lifestyle of our company and employees. I’ve given our company platforms a very sassy personality and people seem to be enjoying it. I think it’s a nice change from the otherwise very bland topics that run our industry. I seek growth, I seek to share knowledge and I seek to make an impact with our platforms that is enough for people to want to continue coming back.

I develop presentations for sales calls, events, tradeshows and conventions (that last two have been online the past year) and investment meetings.

I watch daily, weekly, monthly and annual trends within the industry to ensure that our company stays relevant, that we continue to grow and that we maintain our knowledge of competitors to keep a competitive edge.

I send monthly email campaigns/newsletters to 20,000 people to share about our corporate structure, goals, services and products. I keep all analytics from these campaigns to ensure that I improve on each message the following month.

I track our company’s analytics across all platforms. What pages people visit, what emails people open, what videos people watch, how much time they spend doing each activity… these are all important statistics to help my team do a better job in the future.

I organize press conferences for the company. These haven’t happened that often lately, largely due to COVID, and when they have they’ve been more of a virtual feed that we send to journalists. But, I’m that person that’s ensuring there are no wrinkles in the curtain being used as a black background because I know small things like that can look unprofessional and distract from messages you’re trying to deliver.

I host professional development courses for scientists around the world, teaching them the basics of our software. I highly recommend the tactic of using your own products to teach someone something knew. Those who seek knowledge become guinea pigs for your own products and they often don’t even realize it.

I work with charitable organizations across North America to ensure that we donate a portion of our funds back to people in need. Prior to COVID my company did a lot of physical, in-person, volunteering. Since COVID began, though, we’ve switched to a model solely focused on donations because we understand that a bunch of extra heads in and around charitable organizations right now could be dangerous to the spread.

I try my best to understand everyone. I don’t always agree with them. Actually, I don’t agree with them a lot of the time. But, I understand them. I understand them because marketing is about understanding people. It’s about being able to put yourself in their shoes, and being able to know where they’re coming from. If you can know where they’re coming from, you can know how to appeal to them and how to help them. Realistically, that’s all anyone wants.

I think one of the most important things I do is provide a balance. My coworkers often come to me and ask my thoughts on something they’re working on – they treat me as somewhat of a trusted resource and I’m really proud of that. They know I’ll be honest with them and I know they’ll be honest with me. I think this is a reason why we improve upon our communication and messaging each month. I think this is why we’re growing steadily. We’re not afraid to be honest with one-another if something sucks. This pushes our entire office to be better. And, when we operate at a higher level of quality, continuously, people recognize that.

There’s a lot that goes into marketing. And, sharing this isn’t necessarily about bragging, although I’m sure that the majority of this post sounds like I am bragging. I just wanted to explain that there are facets to this type of work that a lot of people don’t think about, or understand. And that’s totally fine. Just… know… know that when I rant about marketing, when I share tips and tricks, it comes from a good place. I’m very passionate about marketing and the difference it can make in what you, I, or anyone is able to accomplish.

Marketing is important. Marketing can make, or break, a company/person. At the end of the day, everything tied to marketing is based upon understanding people. This is why you can always tell when good marketing is happening and… when people really understand the audience they’re marketing towards.

31 thoughts on “My Day Job

  1. I too have been director of marketing at multiple places and did many different things. Enjoy your time. Really be present.
    One day it will be over by your choice or by others. You will not remember the presentation, pages, or sales you made. You will have the work relationships you cultivated. You will remember moments, but not details. You will be a byword in Linked In if it still exists. I say this looking back over a 40 year career. It was a blast!

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  2. Omg ong omg you do soooooo much!!!

    It is a exciting role by the way you describe it. Well done. You are so talented.

    Can you provide tips to us on a bit about marketing or blogs, social media, etc. I certainly have no clue about these things.

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    1. Gosh – when it comes to WordPress and Blogging/Social Media, I could ramble on for years. The basic principle surrounds the idea that everything should be about who you want to see your content. If you’re blogging for you then you don’t need marketing. If you’re blogging or using social media to interact with people, you need to put yourself in their shoes. The more you understand your audience, the better results you’ll have.

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      1. I’ll give you an example from the perspective of this blog – 11 of my top 15 posts of all time have to do with anxiety. If I look at the comments on those posts, it’s people sharing their stories of anxiety with me. My willingness to share my anxiety story resonated with me and it allowed me to realize just how many people deal with anxiety as well. Understanding that helps me understand who reads this blog and the types of topics and issues that are important to them. I can still talk about a lot of what I want to talk about anyway, but I know when I touch on certain subjects it’s going to be so much more popular with the audience.

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  3. There’s so much about your job that I wish I knew more about. A part of me wishes that this was my job at my company, rather than the hands-on working-with-people piece of the mental health field. I would love for my job to 100% entail taking care of our company’s website, social media, and marketing strategies. But I’m such a novice, I’m sure if that position were available with my company I’d be lost more often than not. Remember I told you I’d been asked to build our company’s website last year? I’ve been tempted so many times to send you a link to ask your opinion but I’m a little afraid of the truth because I’m certain it’s below average amateur at best. Seeing all of your responsibilities is astonishing. Much as I’d love to shift into a different career path, I know I’d be in way over my head.

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    1. I remember us briefly talking last year about your creating the Website. I always wondered what happened with the project but I didn’t want to ask because I didn’t want you to think I was a creepy/weird stalker.

      For what it’s worth, the basic principle behind everything in marketing is understanding your audience. I’m certain if your website accomplishes that, then it’s amazing.

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      1. Come on… Who’s to say who’s a creepy weird stalker? I made you virtual Valentines from 2,500ish miles away.

        Anyway… The whole website thing is constantly a back burner issue for me, since it’s not my actual job. I basically just make updates at this point whenever updates need to be made. There’s a lot more I’d like to be able to do if I really had the time to devote to it. At the same time, the powers that be think I’m capable of more than I’m really capable of and will occasionally ask me to do things that I can usually pull off, but every time they bring up the site I’m terrified that they’re gonna figure out I’m faking it. There’s a longer story there but I’m not gonna blow up your comments with it.

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    1. Well it changes day to day! It’s not all at once. That being said, I can understand where you’re coming from. It’s definitely not for everyone


  4. Sounds like you’re the jack of all trades! Your responsibilities sound exhausting, but I suppose if the work is something you’re passionate about, then I guess it doesn’t feel as much of a burden to do! Looks like your job is a solid fit for you!

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    1. Thanks! Yeah, I quite enjoy it. I want to be able to look back and really think I was able to impact people with my position. So, hopefully I accomplish that.

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      1. I think you are really close. All it would need is to be condensed to fit one page!

        It’s a tough job market for everyone right now. Before this post, I had no idea what it was like to work in marketing and now I do.

        Let yourself be awesome. The right people will see that!

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