1. I agree. There are certain countries (e.g. Taiwan) and even a few US states which don’t even do Daylight Savings! *smh


  2. On the pessimistic side, somebody we didn’t vote for is making money from this arcane practice. It needs to go way. Please write to your senators nd reps. in congress to do something meaningful and useful for change.

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      1. y Grandma was a Canadian from St. Jean sur Richilieu. I wish we had more Canadians here!


  3. So do I! I work overnight so we already lost an hour of our normal shift, then we also had over time due to call offs. Overtime is a thing to be expected on a shift, but on daylight savings I was like no thanks. Can’t you managers be a little more sympathetic? :/ Like they will just have to understand we had call offs and fuck em tbh. Aha. I didn’t get off work until 8 am and home at almost 9 am, when normally my shift ends at 6:30 am. So I just went to bed when I got home since the day was already wasted tbh. 😦


  4. I hate daylight savings time, but it is for a different reason. Saskatchewan does not change the clocks. My problem is, I have a hard time remembering the different time zones. Part of the year we are the same as Manitoba. During daylight time we are the same time as Alberta.
    And every year the debate once more starts about daylight savings time, to keep it or abolish it.


  5. It really is stupid isn’t it? So, last year BC, Washington, Oregon, and California talked about doing away with daylight savings time but missed the mark. We’re hoping that this will be the final year for the west coast and I’m sure if BC did that Alta would soon follow


  6. I sure wish it would become a forgotten thing. I read an article about a family in Connecticut who just didn’t participate. But they had a lifestyle that allowed that. I sure wish I did too…

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    1. I think that would be hella hard. I mean.. what happens when your kid needs to go to the doc? You essentially have to work on the world’s clock. Maybe they just don’t go to the doctor? If they want to put forth the effort to fight it, I guess that’s their will.


      1. What’s wrong with it? Well, if you’re anything like me and you struggle with sleep… it often feels like you just get on a sleep schedule and then bam, daylight savings changes, the light changes, and your entire inner-clock gets thrown off. Why? Why can’t we just keep the clocks the same?


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