Baby Harry

A couple of people have asked how he’s doing. I haven’t provided much of an update because there hasn’t been much of an update to give. He’s awake. He’s hooked up to machines 24 hours a day and is being pumped full of antibiotics and steroids to help improve his condition (which it has been). He’s still a pretty sick little dude. Doctor’s are estimating he’ll be in Children’s Hospital until the middle of May.

Due to the remote location my brother and sister-in-law live, they don’t want to send him home until he’s fully healed because they don’t want to run the risk of having to airlift him back if he was ‘almost better’ and then took a turn for the worse. Basically, because he’s so young and small ‘Healthy Enough’ isn’t an answer the doctors are willing to accept. He needs to make a full recovery in hospital before they’ll release him.

My sister-in-law is getting used to sleeping on a chair next to his hospital bed. My brother is going back to work because his parental leave is over and they still have bills to pay. Thankfully, we’re Canadian, so those bills are not hospital bills. The family is hopeful. The doctor’s have said that if he continues on the path he’s been on, he should make a full recovery by mid-May.

18 thoughts on “Baby Harry

  1. God be with you all Vee. We are living in very tough times but shall come out of it stronger. I think this period is going to last till September.

    Love and blessings 😊🤗

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