Influencer in my neighbourhood :(

To preface this story, there’s a young woman I often see wandering around my neighbourhood talking to her phone. I just assumed that she liked to chat on facetime. I do that. I’ll call my brother’s on facetime versus a regular call, just because I can. It was a natural assumption for me to make.


My friends are all aware of how I feel about influencers. In case you’re new here, I think it’s a vapid industry that relies on influencers taking advantage of people. This weekend my friend Lucy send me a video with a caption that said ‘Influencers are taking over your city. Looks like you’re going to have to move’.

This woman who I’ve seen wandering around my neighbourhood talking to her phone, she’s been filming videos and uploading them to YouTube.

This is hard for me. Our neighbourhood, is uniquely designed. This is a very recognizable neighbourhood. The homes are uniquely shaped and uniquely coloured. I mean, I’ve talked a little bit about it on this blog, but I’ve never discussed or shown any features of it because internet security is important to me. She clearly doesn’t give a fuck about internet security.

I’m torn. On the one hand, she’s a fucking idiot. She’s essentially giving away her location to anyone on the internet who wants it. Our homes are so unique on the outside that it really wouldn’t take long to find them on google at all. On the other hand, if she wants to bait stalkers, that’s her problem?

I’m just annoyed that someone is showcasing our neighbourhood all willy-nilly on YouTube. Initially, I contemplated talking to her about it. But, part of me knows that stupid is as stupid does and changing her mind probably won’t happen. Another part of me just thinks I should ignore it because she hasn’t actually shown my specific house. (She lives on the other side of the block)

Stupid people.

I hate them.

I watched a couple of her videos after my friend sent me the one. Her videos are annoying and stupid. She’s just the type of person to either live in oblivion for the rest of her life, or magically catch the YouTube algorithm one day and skyrocket into a world of vapid consumerism.

Word to the wise… whether you have 10 people who see your content or 1,000,000… don’t show where you live. Just don’t do it. You don’t know if the people viewing your content are normal folk who wouldn’t care, or a creepy stalker who’s capable of showing up at your front door. Don’t be an idiot.

45 thoughts on “Influencer in my neighbourhood :(

  1. Too right. The world is full of really sick people. Why invite them to find you? There should be a law against shit like “influencers”. Who thought that gem up? The world depresses me more each day.

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    1. There’s always been people who have influence over others – athletes, politicians, etc… I think the rise of the Kardashians and influencer culture is the first time in history when people can have influence over others for literally doing nothing.

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    1. I would never! There’s actually a lot of influencers in this city. I’ve seen some with like half a million followers! I typically ignore them because… they’re boring and vapid. This is the first time I’ve seen one so close to me, though.

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  2. If I show any photos of the area in which I live, they are cropped random shots that unless you know the location there is no way of knowing where it is. Because, once many life times ago, I had someone try to find me. Lesson learned.

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  3. Unfortunately there are too many of those idiots around. There’s nothing common about having sense anymore. My son is 20 and he’s like…so…who cares? So many see no harm in what they do. Ugh.. ugh… and ugh…
    I get you!

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  4. You should probably just let her go on being an idiot. Because if you say something, you open yourself up to being attacked by her in her next video. Which is what a self-involved, entitled individual would likely do.

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    1. That’s something I hadn’t contemplated. I don’t want to be referred to as a bitchy neighbour. I mean, not that I would care if I was ‘The bitchy neighbour’. But, if she can play fast and loose with her own life, she likely can with everyone.

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  5. I guess this is how careers evolve. All beyond my understanding now. I’m too old! I do agree that she shouldn’t be showing where she lives. It’s a scary place out there on the internet.

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  6. This clip is perfection lol 😆 I agree 💯 the influencer culture is so strange because it’s about nonsense material bullshit! We should be admiring others for their hearts, minds and contributions that better us as a society. Not drown us in plastic surgery and over orixed clothing! Don’t get me goin sister….you and I could really give em a mouth full!!!!

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  7. I’m curious to see her videos. Can’t stand “influencers” either… but I’m curious because I live in this city, and I didn’t think this city was being invaded by influencers….

    Being an influencer sounds like an awful job to me. You basically can’t retire ever if you’re an influencer. I would hate that – having to pump out content for the next 60+ years just to stay relevant. SMH 🤦‍♀️

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      1. I had no idea that there were so many youtubers and “influencers” living here. Wow!

        I used to think it was cool that there was a YouTuber who went to the same university as my cousin, and I would see places like Sobeys featured in his videos and be like, hey, I’ve been there! But now that I think about it, it’s definitely weird seeing ppl feature recognizable landmarks from hometowns and cities that we live in. It made me question privacy or lack thereof. Just like one shouldn’t post their address on their Facebook profile, how is this any different? I feel like posting a comment on that apartment tour video saying, “aren’t you afraid of getting robbed?” but I’m not going to… foolish is as foolish does.

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      2. You know, if you wrote that, someone would inevitably rob them, their youtube channel would come into the context of the investigation and you would inevitably become a suspect in the robbery. Best to leave foolish is as foolish does alone. lol

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      3. Yup, also my name would show up on YouTube if I were to leave a comment and I don’t want to be tracked. Who knows… maybe they will get robbed one day. It’s only a matter of time.

        People steal in this city – we had a laptop stolen, my keys were stolen twice, Becca’s backpack was stolen, Nick’s truck got broken into, his license plate from Saskatchewan got stolen, and let’s not forget our beloved cans which we had planned to take to the recycling center. 🤷‍♀️

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  8. “Influencer” lifestyle has gotten way out of hand…in fact, the influencer lifestyle IS way-out-of-hand! I’m all about showing the beauty of one’s environment, but at least film and post once you’re out of that space hours later…

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  9. This is one of the things I’ve considered carefully before starting to blog. A bit like Dwight, I ask myself “would someone be able to find me from this information?” Especially as a woman I feel more vulnerable to stalking or just people trying to invade your privacy.

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  10. I agree. I too mostly avoid showing my dear family members online..and celebrating my friends birthdays on Insta stories…
    and yes…Not showing exactly where on Earth am doing hot girl shit😂😂

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  11. Thanks for this reminder to protect my privacy. I feel like it’s pretty easy to find people if you’re obsessed/determined, but we don’t have to make it easy. I also think it’s hard to hide your tracks with the way photos and the internet leaves a trail wherever you go.

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  12. A teacher at the school I used to go to had a poster with that quote on it in front of their room 😂influencer


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