I usually have the television on during my work day as to have background noise. Dr. Phil is a show that I’ve grown accustomed to, because when you really stop to pay attention to what goes on, this show is garbage. Anyways, my personal feelings about Dr. Phil aside, today he’s interviewing a former Sheriff from Texas who had a wife and six girlfriends, two of which he had proposed to, one of which he’d provided fake annulment papers to make himself look single.

It’s a lot, I know.

Anyhoo, Dr. Phil takes 49 minutes before he asks the most obvious question – ‘why didn’t you just get a divorce?’

‘I wanted to see what was out there, who was out there’, the former sheriff says. ‘I wanted to see if any other women would be interested in me’.


7 women have been scarred for life from this scenario, and probably will have trust issues with everyone they ever meet, because he needed to feed his ego? He needed a ‘backup plan’ before he left the woman that loved him?

This man is… what’s the word I’m looking for here?

34 thoughts on “Douchebaggery

      I think that’s why I don’t understand how it’s gone on so long. The things he does, the advice he gives, the ‘help’ he provides (Sending kids to conversion camps) it’s crazy to me that he hasn’t be cancelled 100 times over by now. And I can’t even get started on his comments about COVID closures.


      1. I agree, but also disagree with this statement. It’s good to inquire, but also… if someone’s a good liar, then they’re not going to share things that don’t paint them in a good light. You know what I mean?

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      2. Most liars are not good liars, and there is a Term for a good liar: a sociopath.

        For someone to tell a good lie and get away with it, they would have to have an incredible memory to be able to retain all of these lies and believe their own BS. It’s very easy for someone to slip up, especially if they’re a chronic liar.


    1. If we’re being totally honest, Dr. Phil shouldn’t have given him a platform to explain himself. But, that’s how Dr. Phil gets views – giving people like this a platform. People either watch out of interest, or out of hate. (I being the latter. lol)


  1. I’ve never cared for Dr. Phil. A word of advice to anyone single and ready to mingle – always find out what the guy’s past with women is like, and how many failed relationships he has been in. It will tell you a lot about his character. My advice is to run for the hills if he’s had that many failed relationships.

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  2. This man is… a narc, a true-blue narcissist, complete with his complementary trail of deceit and destruction that always follows them . . . Beware . . . there’s more of them out there then you would suspect. But in hindsight, their true nature becomes clear . . .

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    1. Yeah.
      The way he was telling his story he’s absolutely a narcissist with zero care in the world for anyone but himself. And, when you’re that good of a liar, well… luckily the law caught up with him.


  3. This man is Texas. Pure classic Texas. Every anecdote I hear involving Texas is along these same lines. It’s seemingly the place where idiots go to make it easier to avoid them 🤣.

    Whenever I’m about to move somewhere, I think— Would an idiot move there? And if they would…

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  4. Ummmm. Have you considered like music, audiobooks or podcasts? Or… like a panda eating bamboo played on a loop? I honestly think you could listen to Limp Bizkit and it’d be more wholesome than daytime tv.

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    1. But, but, but… I get a certain kind of excitement from watching the idiocy that goes on each day on The View, Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, etc…

      It’s all a giant hot mess and these people with these massive platforms are largely contributing to leading people astray.

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      1. Haha, I get enough idiocy from the clients I talk to at my job every day…I’ve tried giving reality TV shows/daily talk shows a try, but I could never get on board with them due to how wild and unbelievable they are…Dr. Phil isn’t even a real doctor (or at least, hasn’t practiced in years…)! But it’s all for the entertainment, I guess.


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