High Anxiety

Something’s coming on Thursday. Something that’s really important to me.

I’m nervous. I’m anxious that I’m going to screw it up. I’m keenly aware that no matter how prepared I could, or will be, come Thursday… it’s likely not prepared enough.

Sometimes I feel like an imposter. I wonder how these things just magically seem to fall into my lap. Did I do this? Does the universe know that I can handle this? Or is this all some sort of a cruel joke to remind me that I shouldn’t get my hopes up?

Regardless of the reason why it’s coming, Thursday is coming fast. I cannot shake this uneasy feeling in my stomach. While this isn’t going to break my career, it could possibly make my career, if I play my cards right. There’s a lot on the line, I guess you could say. While there’s nothing to lose, if I don’t win it could feel like a serious loss.

Can I do this?

Am I capable?

Am I worthy?

Why is it that I’m doubting myself so hard? Where is my confidence when I need it?

48 thoughts on “High Anxiety

  1. Anxiety over outcome is normal when we care deeply about said outcome. The idea of non attachment is wonderful but it is just not that damn easy. Try and find a way to be okay with whatever happens – I’m very good at imagining worse case scenario until it becomes a bit numb. Either way – good luck x

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  2. All the very best Vee. Shall keep you in my prayers on Thursday 😊🤗

    You are very good Vee and some anxiety is always there and is helpful too. Maybe you just need to develop a little more faith in Him 😊

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  3. You’re doubting yourself and questioning everything so much because you have the time to and not enough else to keep your attention. And also because you’re you, I suspect. Hell, I’d do the same.

    But stop it. Maybe try dyeing your hair blue or something instead.

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  4. I read the other day about how the mind-body (or body-mind if that’s the order you serve them in) responds to stress the same way it does to excitement. So, pretend you’re excited rather than anxious, and your presentation should go swimmingly.

    Poppycock? Well, I just found out about it, so I haven’t had the chance to test it, but it seems reasonable. You won’t get arrested for trying it. Good luck, or break a leg (depending on your religion).


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  5. Believing in you, especially on Thursday. Will say a little prayer to be wishing you peace. You are way smart and capable, as observed here.

    Put a little faith in your dear heart. You’ve got this!

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    1. It’s like having all but one of the numbers to win the lottery and I’m waiting for the final number to be called on Thursday to see if I win. I appreciate the vote of confidence. I’m just hoping I can pull this through.

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  6. Remember we are all our own worst critics and people don’t see us as we see ourselves.

    You got this! No doubt. Relish the sweet victory in the opportunity (that you waited so long for) and don’t sweat the small stuff, as you are always more prepared than you think or feel.

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    1. Thank You. I am my own worst critic. You’re right though, I need to stop sweating the small stuff so I can walk in on Thursday and own the heck out of the meeting.

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  7. I resonate completely with everything that you have said here. I know how you feel and I have felt the same, especially when I’ve had big projects at work or qualifications I wanted to achieve at school and university. I struggled for so long and it’s recently become an issue in a new job I’ve had. I’ve been working through things lately and have had a breakthrough on a level that I’ve never experienced before. That’s not to say that things aren’t still difficult, just on Monday I had a panic attack in the middle of the day at work. I’ve worked to find out where my anxiety comes from (my childhood) and how it affects me everyday and how it has led to entrenched behaviours that I have been stuck with for most of my adult life. At the bottom of this recent turnaround is some awareness of who I am, what I’ve been through, and maybe even some trust in myself. I can almost be myself, and that’s enough. Maybe it’s some compassion and understanding about who I am and what I’ve been through. At the same time I’m finding a way to acknowledge my anxiety for what it is, the result of lived experience, and somehow i’m trying not to let it be a feature of my everyday life. It’s a constant battle, but on my good days I’m proud of myself, I value who I am, worries and all. I’m actually excited about what the future might hold in some moments. It might help you to think about the source of your anxiety and try to understand it in terms or where it came form and why you feel the way you do. Try to be compassionate with yourself and try to forgive yourself and understand why you feel the way you do. I know how you feel and all I can say is keep on fighting. I’ve recently discovered that there is life outside of anxiety.

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  8. Don’t be be that “high anxious ” . That much Anxiety can harm you .be confident , do that with your best and you will going to archive everything what you want . Best of luck 🤗

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  9. Hi dear,. this is a very common and relatable problem. First of all , anxiety is our best friend. Remind yourself , you are having this feeling , because you are doing something unique. “Great , right!”. What can be better than this . You are actually on your journey of achievement and today or tomorrow it will have to come one day , and it will come one day. If not something much much better will come.Congrats 💯♥️, once again because you know what! You are one in millions of population as you are dreaming and working pretty hard to achieve it.

    Whenever you are anxious, be happy and proud to actually be capable of having opportunities to be anxious and doing great riskier things in actual real life .

    Tip booster:
    “Never consider anxiety as your enemy but your best friend”.


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