Do not read this.

I think that every man should have to, in their lifetime, wear a bra.

What? What a bizarre thing for me to say, I know.

They should have to walk into a store and blindly guess as to what size would ‘fit them’ (and I use that term loosely because, if you’re a woman you know most/all bras don’t really fit anyway) and they should have to wear it.

You know, if they wanted to go above and beyond and go to someone to get measured for said bra, I wouldn’t be against that.

It’s a learning experience, one that I think even if just tested for a day, could allow men valuable insights into a struggle us women know all too well. There are certain experiences we go through in life as women at that men pretend they know about that they really have no idea. Maybe having to spend a day wandering around in an uncomfortable bra could show them 1/100th of who we are.

28 thoughts on “Do not read this.

  1. I’m so blessed to be one of those females that doesn’t need one LMAO 🤣 I go without mostly. The only time in my life was when I was pregnant with the boys and it was so strange. I kept spilling on myself 🤪

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      1. Just tell them it’s your choice as a woman- No, as a PERSON. It’s no shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service. Not no bra, no service.

        Or maybe try punching whomever decides to shame you. That seems like your kinda thing.

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  2. LOL! This pandemic has given me a much needed rest from wearing a bra since I work from home now. I would love for men to have to have a period once a year.


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