Kids say the darndest things

I have a brother, sister-in-law and niece who live in Denmark. They’re having a baby in August and they just found out it’s going to be a girl! Anyways, this morning we were chatting via face time and my brother was showing me how his toddler is already comfortable riding a horse.

She started yelling “Go Vee, Go Vee” and then kicking in the motion people do when they’re trying to get horses to take off running.

I laughed because I thought she was confused. Three year old’s, they can get confused from time to time.

Anyways, she wasn’t confused.

She named her horse after me.

Isn’t that cute?

My brother said she named it after me because it has long blonde hair like me, so she says it looks like me.

Apparently I look like a horse.

I’m sure in her mind that’s a compliment. Me… well, let’s just say I don’t love the idea of looking like a horse. haha!

I’m so thankful for technology that allows me to connect with them on the other side of the world. Looking forward to it one day being safe for me to go there, see my niece, likely meet my new niece (as I don’t think I’ll be going before August) and my namesake… the horse with the long blonde hair.

Oh, also, when we were chatting on face time I noticed there was snow. In Denmark. In April. To the Danes who read this blog, I hope you’re enjoying your snow day. Mother nature must be confused!

22 thoughts on “Kids say the darndest things

  1. That’s lovely that your niece has a horse. When I was a kid I wanted a horse more than anything, couldn’t understand why it couldn’t live in our flat in London. I still feel I was deprived! My brother is in Cyprus but we haven’t talked about facetime . I think we both prefer to stick with email!

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      1. Avoidance of cold weather and the tax man! He also has homes in South Africa and a token one in England. His son two youngest (soon to be 3, so I’m told) grandkids in Australia. Daughter and grown up, more or less grandkids are in England and that’s it, the whole family

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  2. Awww that’s so sweet 🥰 what a good story!! Yes, thankfully technology keeps me connected to all of my loved ones across the country and the globe! Besides my Mom and sister, I have one friend here in Florida but everyone else is faaaar away!! I love to Instagram video chat ❤

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      1. Yes ma’am 🙌 it’s really the only other social platform I interact with besides this one. LinkedIn too but Insta is way more fun 💃🎆❤😊


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