The minimalist in me loves ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING about this house except for the price tag. How much money do you think a house like this costs in Vancouver, Canada?

I love real estate. I’ve actually created a new Instagram account to showcase things I find interesting about all things Canadian real estate. This house will DEFINITELY be making the cut.

35 thoughts on “THIS HOUSE

    1. $5M sounds like a dream. Youā€™d be able to get a 4,000-5,000 sq ft house for $5M in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA, Ontario). I wish housing prices were lower in Canada. Prices are super inflated in this country.

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      1. Tis true about Toronto homes. I think the big difference between Toronto homes and Vancouver homes is not the size, but rather, the style. Toronto homes seem more classic and contemporary in design. Vancouver homes are so modern. Also, the really expensive homes of the GTA all seem to be more towards Mississauga and Oakville. With Vancouver, they’re in Vancouver. Either way, housing prices in this country are RIDICULOUS.

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  1. WHOA…from the looks of it, this house could give those in the Hollywood Hills a run for their money! Have you thought about getting a real estate license? I have a few coworkers who are just as interested in real estate as you are, and I hear it’s a cool side gig to do.

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    1. I’ve talked about getting my real estate license before.
      It’s quite expensive to take the test/get the license, though. So I want to pay off my debts in 2021, and then I’m going to go for it.
      I am very into the West Coast Contemporary style, and for that reason, I really love Vancouver real estate. Hollywood homes, while they have the grandeur, tend to pail in comparison, in my personal opinion.

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    1. You’re pretty bang on. $19,995,000
      The property taxes each year are double what my salary is.
      I think what scares me about homes like this in Vancouver is the structure being in one of the most active fault zones in the world. One big earth quake and it’ll come crumbling down the hill…

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      1. I can’t tell if you’re being genuine, or if you’re specifically trying to be salty. Donald Trump’s home costs roughly the same, and… draw a good comparison for proof as to why this house is minimal.

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      2. Nope, legitimately don’t care. So it’s minimal when compared to Trump’s house, eh? Exactly how high a bar is that?


      1. If I had a pool like that, I’d get a hoist so you could come over. I’d also get some floaties so you could bring Daisy. I think a fun pool day in the sun… that would be so nice right now.


    1. That is exactly the kind of thing my mother would say to me! lol
      I’d likely say something very snarky in response to her. Something like ‘If I had 20 million dollars to buy a home, I’d have enough money to pay to have it professionally cleaned’

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  2. I was going to say $25 Million even before I saw your comment and I was thinking that was conservative, but that was just a guess. I do like the bathroom…my idea of heaven. The rest seems a bit sterile, but I know what you mean about minimalist. I think I object to the idea that so many people live in huge houses when most of the world’s population is squashed into comparative shoe boxes that they can’t even afford. Just one of my peeves about inequality!

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    1. You do raise a valid point. The people who can live in homes like these are few and far between. The majority of the human race can barely afford the homes they have whether small, medium or large homes.


    1. I’ve seen a lot of really nice more old-fashion style homes (still mansions because it’s a favourite past time of mine researching multi-million dollar homes). I’ll have to show one to see what you think of it!

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  3. wow what a house. There is no way I could guess the price. I wouldn’t even bother to look.

    I agree that is a lot of cleaning. But, if you can afford a house like that , then one can afford everything else to keep the house clean.

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