Thoughts of the day

I knew when I talked about COVID vaccines on my blog last night there was a chance that I’d get some pretty wild responses of some pretty crazy conspiracy theories.

To clarify (because sooooo many people seemed to misread): I didn’t say anywhere in my post that people were, or should be, required to get vaccinations. I just suggested that I hope they do, and that I wish they would. I stated again and again ‘in my opinion’ and some people still seemed to treat it as though I was speaking for the majority. Maybe that’s because they feel like they’re in the minority, or maybe they just wanted someone to yell at. Nevertheless, I’ve always reflected on my comments section as being a place of discussion, not a place of bullying. For that reason, I stopped approving comments on that post this afternoon. For that reason, I am also disabling comments on this post and future posts, until I decide otherwise.

I’m going back to the reason why I started this blog. For me. About me. This blog is my outlet. It is for my opinions. If you’d like to share your opinions on vaccinations, or other controversial topics, please feel free to do so on your blog.

As of today my parents officially have appointments to get their vaccinations. This is big news for them because they’ve not yet met Baby Harry. (None of us have) This vaccination will put them one step closer towards being able to meet their grandchild, whether that be in two months, four months or a year. However long it takes until he’s fully recovered.

I’m looking forward to being eligible for a vaccine.

Until that time, I’ll continue hiding in my house because I’m lucky/blessed/privileged enough to be able to work from home. I know what a gift that is. It’s one that I am so damn thankful for. I also know how lucky/blessed/privileged I am that a vaccine will be available to me. I know there are a lot of countries in this world who cannot afford them and will rely on the COVAX program to get them in a year, or two, or maybe even longer.

Baby Harry is doing well. We’re hoping he’ll be released from hospital in May. That is the estimate we were given. Hopefully, one day, I’ll get the opportunity to meet him when he’s healthy enough to be around people. When I’m vaccinated, of course. Because I ain’t putting that baby at risk. He’s been through enough in his short two and a half months of being alive.