Thoughts of the day.

When you get the opportunity to get a COVID vaccine and you’re medically able, please do.

Vaccines are an incredibly effective weapon against disease. Here’s a fun chart for your viewing.

Graph illustrating the effectiveness of three vaccines in the US; red dot indicates start of vaccination  – From Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc.

Notice how when vaccines for each of these three diseases officially started being implemented into the United States, society stopped being plagued by them.

Not only are vaccines extremely useful for preventing sickness, or lessening the severity of sickness, but they’re also effective at slowing spread of disease. If enough vaccines are administered… well, I know I said it before but there’s a reason why no one in the western world has been subject to the polio vaccine in the past 30 years.

Also, to anyone who’s claiming certain vaccines are dangerous because it has a risk of blood clots, every single woman on earth can attest that birth control has a much higher risk of blood clots than what’s been reported for those who take the vaccine. I don’t think I’ve ever seen mass hysteria against women taking birth control for fear they might get a blood clot. I’ve seen people say ‘Don’t take birth control because babies are precious gifts’ but I’ve never seen someone create a widespread protest of birth control because of blood clots. Why’s that? Because modern medicine and science are good things.

Also, NSAIDS can cause blood clots. Those are Aspirin, Naproxen, Ibuprofen… most of what you can find on the shelf at your local drug store. Antidepressants can also cause blood clots.

Have a little faith in science, modern medicine, history and what vaccines have done for society, and in health care workers. If you don’t, there are A LOT of medications and treatments that you really ought to stop taking, benefiting from the science of.