I forgot to title this post.

I was talking to a friend of mine today about the random things one talks about in 2021 when there’s really nothing to do, nowhere to go and no way to expect that to change any time soon. One of the subjects that came up was peeing with the bathroom door open.

I live alone. I don’t close the door to pee. Why would I?

Apparently that’s weird.

I live alone, though. It’s not like I’m peeing in front of people. It’s not like I’m peeing within ear shot of anyone. I don’t understand why it’s weird.

If you live alone, do you close the door to the bathroom before you pee?

If you live with people, but you know they won’t be home (say your kids are at school, or something like that), would you close the door to the bathroom before you pee?

52 thoughts on “I forgot to title this post.

  1. I live alone and I never close my bathroom door for anything. In fact, if I have to use my bathroom on the rare occasion that someone is visiting my apartment and I have to close the door, I get suddenly very claustrophobic. It’s weird for me to close the door. So it only happens if someone happens to be there. But, again, that rarely happens.

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  2. I usually don’t close the door unless everyone is home and I want some privacy. My husband doesn’t close the door, my mom doesn’t, and my daughter doesn’t. It’s understood that you don’t go into the bathroom if someone else is in there doing their business.


      1. Indeed. I call it Stockholm Syndrome, but with a canine twist. Dogs will swap Alpha status between themselves, and I like to think Myrt and I do the same between being the captor/hostage. Admittedly, It’s a fairly schizophrenic dynamic. 😹


  3. It depends whom I’m with. For example, when I lived on my own, I didn’t close the door when in the bathroom. Same goes for now, being at home with my family, as we don’t care, haha. But if I’m with friends/acquaintances at someone else’s house/hotel, I close the door for privacy!


      1. I guess if you’re close friends with someone, I mean…some people might be very comfortable not closing the door in that case! XD


      1. That’s 100% correct. Why shame people for doing what’s natural to them? It’s not like it’s a public restroom and we are leaving the stall doors open. Yeesh!


  4. I live alone so don’t close it. My cat has a weird habit of sitting outside the door in the hallway waiting for me to finish, then she goes back to whatever she was doing. Doesn’t watch, just sits there, often with her back to me.


  5. True story – when I’m up before the rest of the house, I sometimes think twice about closing the bathroom door while having a pee – and I always DO close it. I’m not sure why. Maybe the kids might be about to jump out on me ?

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    1. Kids are sneaky. They’re like ninjas. I can see closing the door, even if you think they’re sleeping. One of them jumping out on you would be scary as heck early in the morning. hahahaha

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  6. I think if you live alone, if you want to shut the door or not, that’s your call! I live with someone but even when I am home alone, I shut the door to use the bathroom.


  7. I live alone. I wouldnt close the door to pee, that isnt weird at all to leave it open! If someone was in the house, I’d close it, but when I am alone, nope, not going to happen! 😀


  8. Free the pee! When no one is around, the door is open 100%. When there are people around, I close the door but really, that’s only because it’s my 30 seconds of escape from having to make small talk. ;–)


  9. Lol thanks for your honesty! I hardly ever close the door when I pee at home. My (small) kids will come running into the bathroom whether or not the door is closed lol


  10. Chuckled when I read this one. I’ve been married for 21 years and we were living together 2 years before getting married. There isn’t anything either of us hasn’t seen the other do the last 23 years. It’s not weird to leave the door open with people you know intimately around. I’d wonder why anyone would actually. Just laughed out loud though, I DO turn on the fan for #2 🤣


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