It’s snowing.

It’s May 8th and snowing.

I can’t deal.

I want to be lounging by a pool somewhere warm right now.

I love spring when it’s spring. It’s not too hot. It’s not to cold. It’s just right. Snowing is not right. Snow doesn’t work for me. It’s May 8th.

18 thoughts on “It’s snowing.

    1. I would for sureeeeeeeeeeee be lounging by the pool if it was anywhere near the 80’s. It’s… when I translate google tells me it’s 33 degrees Fahrenheit here right now.

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  1. I think the volcano exploding on St Vincent’s must be a contributing factor to this cold weather. We’ve had frosts all this week in Ireland, which is very unusual for May.


  2. Last year we had snow on this day and it ruined my lilac that was about to burst into bloom. I’m really hoping we are done with snow for now. Hope yours vanishes soon!


  3. To be fair, it’s been unusually cold and gloomy in Los Angeles these past few weeks; it appears that “June Gloom” has hit early! Rest assured, May is a weird month and come June, the weather ought to stabilize!


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