Couple of things

I’m thinking about applying for a job with a new company that’s here in the city that’s hiring for a Global Marketing Specialist. I’m thinking of applying.

Am I qualified? Sure am.

Do I think I’d have a shot? I don’t know. I’m doubting myself. I think I always doubt myself because I don’t want to get my hopes up for something.

I think it would be a really exciting opportunity though. The company creates the software that helps create autonomous machinery. They’re actually really well known in the industry they work. I’ve driven past the building hundreds of times since moving here. I never knew what they did until about a month ago when I finally looked it up. They’re entire company is really well established with offices on four continents. They’re also a company that is developing technology for the future, which the prospect of is really interesting.

Think I should apply?

Okay, maybe I don’t have a couple of things. Just one.

22 thoughts on “Couple of things

    1. I really have nothing to lose. You’re correct.
      Applying for a job whilst I have a stable job means that if nothing comes from it, I just carry on as usual.

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  1. I would say go and apply! Even if you don’t get the job, at least you did try and you still can fall back on your current job, so you really wouldn’t incur any loss here. I’ve applied and interviewed at a few jobs while still at my current job (and still on my probationary period…), and while I didn’t get the jobs, at least I got far in the rounds of exams and interviews to say that I was close! And I still have a job in the end! Good luck, whatever you decide, V!

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  2. You’ll never know what could happen until you apply. If you get the job, you get it (and that’s great!) and if you don’t, you don’t (and that’s okay too). The key is to apply without getting your hopes up which is easier said than done.

    When I applied for work back in November 2020, I did not expect to get anything… I wasn’t even banking on it. Little did I know that I would get 2 jobs and 3 interviews out of it, all within a matter of weeks. You never know what will happen until you apply! Tbh my resume was very sad and I didn’t feel qualified at all. To this day, I still wonder why they hired me!

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    1. If you’re talking about just recently, I didn’t actually apply for a job. I was contacted by a headhunter. And, while they didn’t pick me in the end, it got me thinking there might be more opportunities out there for me.

      As for my employer knowing about this blog, I’ve taken necessary steps to ensure that even if someone did accidentally stumble upon my blog one day, they’d have to work real hard to put two and two and two more together that it was actually me.

      Basically, unless I tell someone I write this blog, they’d have a really hard time figuring it out.


  3. Definitely apply. Even if you don’t get the job, the interview experience is useful to have. Of course if you’re like me interviews are terrifying, but I’m pretty sure you’re not!

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  4. Do it. At minimum, you will learn something about other companies. And who knows, you may make new networking connections that will lead to other opportunities.

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