I made the mistake of looking-up what it was that Josh Duggar was charged with.

I’m not naive, I know there’s some seriously fucked up shit that goes on in this world. Do yourself a favour, though… don’t look up his charges. There’s a certain innocence to life that you just won’t get back when you learn what he was doing that lead to his arrest.

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  1. I made the mistake of looking up the Chris Watts case last week, and I am STILL trying to process it all…. ugh, I even watched the documentary and it is WAY worse than what the articles say. Intricate details about the murders. I can’t un-see or un-read it.

    Idk if this is what people call “triggering” but I won’t be reading up on any more cases for a very long time. I am still scarred from reading about the Elizabeth Fritzl case. It’s truly horrific. I’m gonna pass on this one, as I can imagine that it’s awful too.

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      1. He’s only allowed to see his kids in the presence of a court approved custodian (fancy words for chaperone). So far they have no proof that he did anything to his kids, but the family is denying the right for child specialized psychologists or psychiatrists to speak with his children. I feel like the prosecutors might be in the making of trying to file with the courts to get that injunction since the family won’t allow his kids to talk. And his kids could know nothing. Which, my goodness, I hope they know nothing. But unless someone specialized in talking to children gets to talk with them, they’ll never know.

        They did not reveal the full extent of who was affected and how many people were effected at the bond hearing, but they did say that full details would be brought to attention at his actual trial, whenever that is. Apparently there’s a preliminary hearing in July, now.

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  2. It is so sad and it makes me wonder though who groomed him to think this was okay? Was he sexually abused by someone when HE was younger? It’s not an excuse at all but this stuff doesn’t just happen for no reason. Being in the field I am I could share statistics that would give most people nightmares for months. But I won’t because I love you V and respect your audience too much to do so ❤


    1. Thank you for not sharing. I don’t want those nightmares. I want to go back before I looked it up and not look it up… I just have a really hard time with stuff like that. I just don’t understand how people can do such horrible, horrible things

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    1. I wouldn’t look if I were you. It’s sad, pathetic, disgusting, disturbing, wrong, angering and so much more. Once you see it you cannot unsee

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  3. Many times I don’t look it up for this very reason, abuse is difficult for me to process from years working with children. It really upsets me and while I know what happens, I have to remove myself from it so I can deal.


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