Spring has sprung

It is beautiful today. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L.

I went for a long drive down through a neighbourhood called Mount Royal. The houses in Mount Royal are insane. They’re bold, beautiful, architectural works of art. No two houses are the same and I love that.

Does anyone else like to go driving through random neighbourhoods just to look at houses and pick out which ones you like/don’t like? Just me? Okay.

Last weekend it was -4 Degrees Celsius(24 Degrees Fahrenheit) and this weekend it’s +24 Degrees Celsius(75 Degrees Fahrenheit). I am LOVING this weather, and getting out to explore.

Even if I could afford it, I don’t see myself ever purchasing a house as large as any of these. But, they are nice to look at. When I drive past houses like these, I like to envision storylines for the lives of the people who live there.

All of these houses are presently for sale. Would you buy any of these if you could afford it?

24 thoughts on “Spring has sprung

  1. The first one looks like a radiative cooler, lol.

    Can’t say I have any houses like that near me haha. Those look immaculate. Well actually I lie, when I first moved here and explored along the river I discovered some ridicu-houses like those with their own f***ing basement boathouses and stuff. And that’s a crazy swing of temperatures :|. Canada is really beautiful!

    If I had the money I would still just have a smaller house, too. I’d probably live on a boat or in a huge campervan.

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    1. I agree on smaller houses. I don’t think I’d live in a boat or a van, but I like the idea of using every inch of house that I have. I don’t want a house that has rooms that don’t even get used.

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  2. That last one is the most me of the group. But, to your point, whether or not I can afford it, it’s a house for a life I do not lead. But just think of how much fun Myrtle would have covertly pooping in rooms I never visited!

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  3. My mom and I used to love driving around certain neighborhoods in Cincinnati to admire the well kept old houses. We still do it when I visit, and I like to imagine the lives of the people who live there too. The contemporary houses you’ve photographed are a little too modern and angular for me, but I like the one with the big tree in front. Enjoy the heat. I wish it would warm up here.

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    1. Mount Royal is all houses that were built within the past twenty years (largely). It’s where the professional athletes and oil execs tend to live. And they need fancy… lol

      I agree with you, the phone with the tree in front is really beautiful. Curb appeal with houses is A HUGE deal.

      Driving around looking at houses seems like such a nice adventure to do with your mom.

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  4. I used to like watching millionaire real estate but I kind of went off it because so many of the rick folk behaved like such assholes. Those big houses (not the last one though, that’s an ugly box) are lovely but I like living alone and that would be a bit over the top! Our likes change as we age, that’s for sure. Glad you’ve finally got good weather and are getting out.

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    1. I used to love millionaire real estate when I was in college. It was always so fascinating to see how the upper echelon lives


  5. these houses look beautiful. I am not sure if I would want to buy these houses to live in. I’d love to buy them as an investment property however. But living in a big space… there’s more to clean lol

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  6. I remember you contemplating on wanting to get into real estate in a previous post; I felt that energy come through in this post! The houses look gorgeous, but definitely not within my budget, haha. “Mount Royal” reminds me of “Mont Royal” in Québéc, which has a different vibe (and across the country), but it’s cool that you have this charming place in your city!


  7. I used to do this all the time! I grew up in Ottawa so we have a large neighbourhood in the North of Ottawa where all the ambassadors live and it’s like driving through a compact version of the whole world. Each nation has put their personal touches on the houses and they are STUNNING!

    To answer your other question, I’m not sure I need a huge house either (even if I could afford it) though I like the second one best. I think what I would prefer is a modest-sized house on a large tract of land. Some of it I would keep for privacy but the rest I would try and have made into a conservation area – anything to stop the constant development!


    1. Ohhhhhh I bet Ottawa has some amazing houses. I like to look at Ottawa houses on realtor.ca. There’s so many amazing old-homes, character homes in that city.


      1. There are! Lots of heritage houses. I’m out in Russell now, just outside of Ottawa, and out here there are a bunch of beautiful farm homes that have been updated on the inside only and they are stunning!


  8. There are a handful of neighborhoods just to the south of our downtown area that are packed with extravagant homes. Some I’d refer to as mansions. Others I’d refer to as castles. Some are just oversized and overpriced. I’ll drive around those neighborhoods (one of which is called Sherwood Forest with street names related to Robin Hood). I’d never want to live around there myself, but I did know some kids I went to high school with who grew up in the area. I wouldn’t really say I was close friends with any of them, but it was nice to be invited to some of their parties or work on group projects in a few of their homes. Like getting a glimpse on the inside of something I’ll never actually experience in my life.


  9. Cool neighborhood indeed ❤ I daydream about what it would be like to live in a house like that but honestly, I don’t see myself in a place like that. I’m more if a tiny home kinda gal 😉


  10. I use to do this sort of thing with my mother growing up, we would take walks through our neighborhood and it was mainly her pointing out what houses she liked and which ones she did not care for. I also like it when each home is unique from the other surrounding homes in the neighborhood. It really just adds to the character of a place!

    I’m really digging the architecture of the first photo best, also something about having staircases just gives a place that extra-ness as the kids would call it that I enjoy but that’ just me. Really, any of those houses would be nice to own!


  11. Wow those houses 😱😍🏘️ I got major house envy! But to answer your question, no if I could afford it I wouldn’t. I’d want to totally build from ground up (a modest sized home befitting the size of my family at the time). 😊 I love looking at houses or driving down roads with pretty houses and then going online to see what they look like inside 🙂


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