These days

Some days you’re on top of the world.

Some days there isn’t anything that could possibly touch you, disrupt you or stop you in your path.

Some days everything you do is pure gold.

Other days, none of that is true.

And that’s okay.

We have to accept the bad days in order to appreciate the good days when we have them. I just hope they come around again soon.

I’ve not had much to say lately. Life has been busy. It hasn’t be the most fun. I’m trying to keep my mind occupied, I guess. I feel as though I shouldn’t even be writing this right now. It’s vague as hell and I don’t know how to finish this, or why I even started it the way that I did. Now would be an awfully good time to have a dog or cat, or something to make me smile. I wonder if my neighbour would let me borrow their dog. Is that a weird thing to ask for? That’s a weird thing to ask for.

Maybe I’ll go online and buy a giant stuffed-animal. What are those hype things the kids are buying these days – squish mallows?