True Story

This morning I spent nearly an hour searching google for where to buy rocks. Why do I need rocks? That’s a good question. Where can you buy rocks? Equally a great question. If I still lived on the coast, I’d walk outside and pick some up off the beach. I don’t live on the coast anymore. Since the mountains are federally protected lands (National Park), I’m not technically allowed to just go and take them. I probably could and get away with it… but my mom raised me better than that.

Protected ecosystems are protected for a reason. Those bugs that would inevitably be living under the rocks don’t need me wandering in there and stripping them of their home.

How ridiculous do I sound right now?

I need rocks, people.


Real rocks. Not the fake rocks from Etsy or Michaels.

You know what comes up when you google rocks? Not where to buy them.

Okay, update – as I was writing this post, I was googling where to buy rocks on my phone and I can buy landscaping stones at Home Depot. I’m not a huge fan of them, though. They’re all shaved down to be symmetrical in shape/size. I want a real rock as is, all of its imprecations and all.

Okay, update part two – this post is ridiculous. The reason I’d feel better taking them from a beach is because 1) Beaches aren’t federally protected lands and 2) When they wash ashore, they often are stacked on top of one another. So I could remove the rocks from the top and not disrupt creatures living underneath. Even as I explain this, though, it is just so ridiculous.

21 thoughts on “True Story

    1. I’m thinking for our five would do the trick. Size is somewhere between a football and a basketball (rough estimate, I obviously don’t want them shaped that way unless it’s been done naturally by the earth). As for what it’s for, that’s top secret. (Actually is. I have another keep my mouth shut legal agreement)

      Speaking of legal agreements, I’ve been signing way too many of those lately. I promised myself in 2019 I’d never sign another and I’ve signed four this year alone. Life comes fast sometimes…

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      1. I won’t ask you to violate your legal agreement, but I must confess that I’m curious what it could have to do with collecting rocks.

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      2. It’s actually a real cool project. If I ever get permission to share, I’d probably share photos. Right now it’s in developmental stages, which is why I think our partner company wants it kept secret. The rocks themselves are not that important to the project, just cool. And funny that I’m googling where to get rocks. lol

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  1. Do you guys have garden centers?

    Ours do rocks, but I must admit, I am not sure how natural they are.

    The other thing you could do if you are feeling brave, is if anyone is doing some digging work in their garden or in parks you can ask then, Worse they are going to say is no and think you are nuts

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    1. HAHAHA Could you imagine how funny that would be if I saw people digging and ask them for their rocks? I’d laugh at that.

      Garden center is a good idea. I’m right downtown the city, but I bet if I drove 50 miles out I could find a legit garden centre to check. Round here it’s all just an added aisle to the grocery store for summer.

      Thanks for the good tip!

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      1. You laugh but I know people that have done it, but then I know people who have knocked on doors to ask to go through people’s skips so I am not sure I am a good role model on this.

        Oh check pet shops as well


  2. Not ridiculous at all. I needed pebbles and ended up going to Dollarama and bought two huge containers worth. Using as drainage at bottom of my flower pots. I think that is a good question though and I bet there are others out there too trying to find them. 🙂


  3. I also want rocks V but for a different purpose, I could do with banging it on someone’s head! Just one of those days when I want to do something like this — On a side note I hope you find the rocks you need. Sleep well depending on which part of the world you are in today.


  4. Lol reminds me of the time I saw a reno show that talked about how much natural dirt is worth.. Lol literally to buy dirt for outdoor landscaping is sooo expensive… What in the heckkk?!


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