I’m going to meet Baby Harry

Baby Harry has been home and doing well at home. My brother and sister-in-law have been keeping home away from people because he’s very much considered immunocompromised and it’s just too risky to be mixing and mingling with his condition at this point in time.

That being said, one of the after affects of him laying on his back in the hospital for so many months is that his skull isn’t properly forming. His brain is developing faster than his skull so he has to get fitted for one of those baby helmets.

My brother said it’s something like this:



Anyways, they have to take him to a specialist to get fitted for this helmet and it needs to happen sooner, rather than later, since babies develop so quickly and so much in their first year of life. My brother and sister-in-law have actually arranged it so they can see the specialist here.

Since I’m fully vaccinated for COVID, work from home and have no life, HARRY IS COMING TO VISIT. It’s safe for him to come and visit!

They’re going to stay with me for one night, take him to get fitted the next morning and then go home. My brother’s unsure right now if they’ll have to come back to pick-it-up, or if the helmet can be taken to their town and their doctor in their town can watch it go on to make it works properly. So, depending on how that happens, Harry might need to come back!

I’m excited to meet my nephew for the first time! I’m excited to have guests. I’m happy that they feel they can safely bring him here to stay and I won’t be putting him at risk. I’m just happy I’ll get to spend some time with the kid.

It’ll be a quick visit, but I’ll soak up every minute of it.

24 thoughts on “I’m going to meet Baby Harry

  1. How wonderful! I’m at a different place in life – first time grandparent – and feeling the same excitement. He’s coming here!! I think of him as GK1 (GrandKid #1) and hope I don’t break him. (I have no idea how to care for infants, except the one I had long ago.) Let’s stay in touch about our babies!

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    1. That’s really wonderful! I’m so happy to hear that you’re getting to meet GK1. I’m certain you won’t break him. Grandma’s are filled with love that is different from parents. I am sure he’ll learn that really quickly. I hope you have an amazing visit!

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  2. Ohmygoodness, I’m so happy for you.. not the best circumstances but it does give you the opportunity to finally meet him.(so exciting!)
    I’m sorry little Harry(and his poor stressed parents)have been through so much, prayers. 💕

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  3. How wonderful and it’ll be great to see Harry and your family!
    We had Husband’s parents visit *indoors* on Sunday – what a treat! We still sat apart and didn’t hug as it doesn’t feel quite that safe yet, but we could sit together and have a cup of tea, indoors, no less!

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