Acronym Only

In follow up to this story, Acronym Only has launched a new advertising campaign that directly calls out my company. Acronym Only controls a solid 80 percent of the market share in our industry, and now, they have an advertising campaign that directly calls out my company.

You know how good that makes me feel?

I got under their skin. They’re quaking. Their users are leaving their company for mine and they don’t know what to do about that.

In marketing, one of the worst things you can do is call out another company by name in an advertisement. Why? Because no product is perfect. Coke doesn’t want people to ask how Pepsi compares. Coke wants people to only think about Coke. Nike doesn’t ever want to acknowledge Adidas because as soon as they do they know they’ve opened the door for people to consistently and continuously ask them ‘well what about Adidas?’

Acronym Only has created a campaign that says ‘You could go with [My company], or you could stick with the best’.

  1. Best is subjective.
  2. Have fun answering questions all about the features my company offers that yours pails in comparison too.
  3. You’re losing market share and you’re scared and that shows.
  4. My company (myself through use of company platforms) now has space, rent free, in the head of whomever is making these decisions. I FUCKING LOVE THAT.

Now I have to think about this campaign and figure out a way to use it to my advantage.

31 thoughts on “Acronym Only

      1. GAP? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜± You can hang out with Yeezy. Ye. Yuh-something. It can’t be KFC. I am kind of, fond of the Spanish speaking Colonel Sanders. He just makes me laugh.

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      2. I think I know. Because. They are kind of everywhere. They do have ads. Lots and lots of ads. They are kind of blue? Do I get a cookie? πŸ˜‚


      3. They are everywhere! And they are blue! And I won’t be typing the name out here because SEM man… As for the cookie, all I have is ice cream bars. If you’d like one? lol

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      4. The Southern US border states are, similar. I rode my bicycle in Death Valley on the hottest day, ever.

        There’s a give and take though. Up where you are, it’s like -100 or something in winter. πŸ˜‚ I bet outdoor labor could just name their prices in those conditions.


    1. β€œGoogle Cloud Platform (GCP) is one of the fastest and enormously growing cloud-computing platforms in the market. GCP offers a wide variety of robust bunch of technologies and solutions which makes businesses much easier and quicker. GCP is considered as the topmost competitor of AWS as they provide a wide variety of cloud services to the users”

      You work for Google Cloud Platform? πŸ˜€πŸ€ž

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    1. Oh, it’s going to get leveraged. We’re not in some political campaign here, this is the business world. You want to show me your weakness? I’m going to exploit it. lol

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      1. Bigger person, maybe. But in business it’s more like not throwing stones when you live in a glass house. You know what I mean?


    1. I know! You’re so right. That’s why I’m over here thinking “what kind of an idiot is having a bad/hard time right now and is making these stupid decisions out of stress”? hahahahahha


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