Boston Locals!

If you’re a Boston local, or just someone who frequents Boston, or has frequented Boston in the past, I need your advice!

I need to do some ordering of clothing and food and I want to give the business to local Boston shops/stories/restaurants/bakeries.

Please, if you have some advice, leave me a comment.

I am looking for:

  • Athleisure clothing (Doesn’t have to be a small brand, can just be a local shop that sells bigger brands)
  • The BEST bakery
  • A great restaurant or catering company

I have looked on google. I have seen business listings in the categories which I am searching. I’m looking for I’m not looking for a list. I’m more so looking for anyone who’s had first-hand experience. Anyone who can make recommendations of where to go and where I should avoid!

Small, medium or large shops/restaurants/bakeries are all fine. I’d rather give money to a local business than to order from a national or international business and ship it to Boston.

Many thanks

6 thoughts on “Boston Locals!

  1. I really liked the food and beer on the Freedom Trail. The restaurant owners I met were multi-generation. There’s some spots in South Boston that were in a few movies. I mean, if you’re traveling to Southie don’t…dress nice or say much. The food is good.
    Athleisure? Is that like…because guys don’t buy yoga pants? Have to, leave some things to the imagination.


    1. I have to order some matching clothing for close to 100 people. I’m thinking something like crewnecks and some sort of golf apparel (this is for a golf tournament) might be nice. Something both men and women can wear. Just thought if I ordered it in advance it would give a smaller shop enough time to get the quantity rather than if I were to take the easy route and buy 100 black crewneck sweatshirts direct from Nike. Ya know what I mean? Even if I ended up buying black Nike crewnecks from a store in Boston, at least I would know they would benefit from that too, and not just Nike, I guess. I feel like smaller shops took more of a beating the past year and a half whereas the major companies weren’t as effected. And since I have all this budget, I want to spend it local to the event. I know it’s small-fries to the Boston area economy as a whole, but hopefully I can find a nice local place to support.

      Thanks for the tips about restaurants! Hoping to plan a couple of corporate dinners.

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      1. Ah. Okay. In South Boston, there’s Boston Tees Factory. It’s a small company. Rocket Science Screenprinting looks very capable but still an independent. Medium sized company in South Boston for 20 years.
        I know a clothing designer in the area but that’s probably overkill. Haha.
        You’re right about small businesses. In Phoenix we lost a quarter of the restaurants in the first six months of quarantine. Arizona has as many seats in restaurants as we do…people? Haha. Although, Latin food is the best in my ghetto. Scottsdale does have the ambiance but lacks the distinct flavors of Mexico and Latin America.
        I think that’s a good way to imagine South Boston and Boston. Character of South Boston is blue collar and the food is more home cooked. Boston and the Freedom Trail does have its staples like the Cheer’s bars and the basement bars. Overall it’s a bit more uppity. Haha. A lot like Scottsdale.

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