Weird Dreams Part 2

Last night I dreamt that I was being chased down by a hit-squad and there was a bounty on my head for $250,000.

What did I do wrong? That wasn’t something I was made aware of in the dream. I was too busy running for my life.

The saga of my dreams the past few weeks has been absolutely wild. I’m not sure what my subconscious is trying to tell me. I wish I knew.

19 thoughts on “Weird Dreams Part 2

  1. I’ve had many of these dreams like this along the theme of I’ve done something wrong and some terrible punishment is coming. Definitely had one specifically like yours too. Also similar ones but it’s zombies chasing me 😆. An imaginative mind plus anxiety can do some incredible things whilst sleeping!

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      1. Someone’s going to put a bounty on my head?
        I guess they learned I’m a spy hiding in plain, anonymous site on the interwebs. Hope they at least look after my triplets and give them a good life.

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    1. I thought you left this on the post about Acronym Only making a campaign calling out my company. Seeing it on this post made it 10 times as funny. haha

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  2. These vivid dreams I’ve been having somedays almost cost my husband his life lol what with either the flailing of the arms in the middle of the night or the anger towards him for a dream indiscretion he committed! Very very vivid!

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  3. yikes…too scary. Being chased–esp for a bounty—hmmm….head hunters? V hunters? but it shouldn’t be scary. Perhaps there’s something in your life that needs addressing and you’re running from it. Or…you’re gonna win the lotto max on Friday and everyones wants a piece of you!


  4. You have a lot of dreams about people trying to murder you. lol
    Someone doing something cruel/evil for financial gains.
    Being reminded.. zombie dreams are a fear of collective expectation where the individual is afraid of a “soulless life”. Zombies are dead, they have no souls and thrive on turning others on primitive desires forming a larger collective. Just using that example because, if you can remember, small details you may overlook may be the clue.
    It could be the boss or coworker you mentioned that was just a horrible person only caring about success even if it was made up. It could be that maybe you feel you sold yourself out for profits somehow..
    pregnancy dreams (going back one post) can have a wide meaning that means an unaddressed issue you need to deal with or more positive: you’re just happy.
    You have a lot of dreams about people trying to kill you though. lol


  5. Ugh. Dreams of being chased down are among my least favorite dreams. I had a recurring one over a span of a few years where is was being hunted by hags in either my home or the streets of urban NJ. Unfortunately these dreams were precursors for an impending miscarriage. I wonder if these types of dreams are a biological manifestation of fears to help protect us from impending misfortune? Sorry if kind of left field…these dreams were almost always clustered around this particular recurring health issue. At least the ones with witches/hags.


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