Summer Solstice 2021

Today is the longest day of the year.

For anyone who doesn’t know what the the summer solstice is, the summer solstice, also known as estival solstice or midsummer, occurs when one of the Earth’s poles has its maximum tilt toward the Sun. Now, if you live closer to the equator, it might not make that much of a difference in your day. But, if you live closer to the North Pole, the summer solstice makes for almost complete 24 hour daylight.

I’m far enough away from the North Pole that it’s only around 20 hours of daylight here. Maybe 21 if we’re stretching it.

After today all of our days will get shorter.

After today, all of our days will feel darker until Winter Solstice in December.

So, if I can encourage you to do one thing today, it’s enjoy the sunlight, the daylight and the summertime.

Also, if you’re interested in seeing what summer looks like when one lives close to the North Pole, there’s an Instagram user @sejsejlija who lives in the worlds Northernmost town. She’s been showing a lot lately what it’s like to be out and about this time of year when the sun shines on her town 24 hours a day.

It’s the longest day of the year people. Enjoy it! Soak up that Vitamin D! (wearing SPF of course)

24 thoughts on “Summer Solstice 2021

  1. Those of us who’ve lived near the Equator our entire lives only remember this Solstice thing from Geography classes 😊😊
    It would be cool to have 24 hour days, and interesting to have 24 hour nights.
    One day I will plan a trip to a country to coincide with these Solstices just to experience …

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    1. As someone who lives, and has always lived in Northern Canada, I’ve often wondered what it would be like to live closer to the equator where the days are just typically similar length all year around.


  2. It’s comical that here in SoFlo we’re experiencing major thunderstorms and a cool down from days of sweltering heat and humidity. This speaks if cleansing and clarity that Light brings. I’m excited for the summer months, especially now that I’ve been reunited with my love🥰😎🏖🌈💖 Enjoy V, love to you sister 😘

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  3. Funny enough, I’m staying inside all day today, haha. Also celebrating Father’s Day here in the US, so lots of food and quality time spent with the family. Having more hours than usual to celebrate it is all the merrier!

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  4. I had a biology teacher in high school who said he always thought of summer as depressing because the days are getting shorter. I remember him mentioning that on the first day of school and I was like, I thought I was pessimistic…


      1. No… This was his icebreaker on the first day in the fall… How was your summer? Mine was depressing… days getting shorter…

        Actually, I did take Phys Ed in summer school one year. It was awesome. Every day was a field trip to the pool or bowling or miniature golf. Easiest A I ever got.


  5. Read at 9:09 pm, just as were reaching dusk here in Portland! As a follow up to the longest day, tomorrow we are slated to hit 97 degrees, which will be our hottest day of the year…thus far.

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      1. Um, yeah you are…especially if you want to crack me up! 😹
        I’m sure it will be an amazing day. But it might be one I stay inside throughout and just appreciate through my windows. 🥸


      1. Hello V!!!! I’ve been back since the beginning of April or thereabouts. I have been participating in real life which surprisingly is why I have been posting again. I deleted most of the old stuff to start afresh. You should check it out.
        That’s true! Congratulations on the millionth (and more now)!!!!


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