Cultural Genocide

A month after the remains of 215 children were found in a mass grave site on the grounds of a former Residential School in British Columbia, it has been announced that the remains of 751 children were found in a mass-grave site on the grounds of a former Residential School in Saskatchewan.

That’s 966 children who died at the hands of the Canadian Government and the Catholic Church, that the Catholic Church essentially just… threw in a hole and the Canadian Government never bothered to ask about for over a century.

966 kids.

This country was founded by a belief that white people reign superior to every other race on earth. Some racist, white assholes from Europe decided that Indigenous people could be made ‘More White’ if they forcefully removed them from their homes, sent them to Residential Schools and indoctrinated into Catholicism. Indigenous Children weren’t allowed to see their families, speak their language or practice their culture. They were beaten, tortured and murdered, and for over a century, no one stopped it.

966 kids.

Canada needs to stop making excuses.

This happened. This is the legacy that Canada was built upon.

Tear down the statues of the ‘Founding Fathers’. Rename the infrastructure that was named in honour of these men. I don’t fucking care if John A. MacDonald was the first Prime Minister of this country. He bears responsibility for the murder of these children. That is his legacy. Someone responsible for the murder of 966 children doesn’t deserve a fucking statue in the middle of parliament.

17 thoughts on “Cultural Genocide

      1. Yes. Many of the grounds of former residential schools are now being searched, with pledges to search many more. I can’t say they’ve made pledges to search them all as some provinces are trying to block it. But I think, eventually, over the next few years, they’ll all get searched after these discoveries. I think this story is going to be a big piece of Canadian culture the next few years.

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  1. It’s sad that this keeps happening through and through. It’s a constant source of joke in Nigeria that someone who has failed in the past runs for presidency and wins. He even gets a second tenure.

    These things are mentally crippling.

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    1. I agree. It deserves a lot more air time than it got. I hope that it continues gaining steam the next few days/weeks/months. Clearly 2021 Canada doesn’t understand the full extent of the atrocities that went on for over 100 years.

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  2. My Mom was in the last class at Phoenix Indian School. She also testified in our Congress about the abuses and tortures she endured. Being that close to someone that was in the programs. She stays heavily medicated now. It’s how, she makes it.

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  3. I wonder constantly why folks find it so much easier to endorse obviously terrible people, than to simply correct historical records and tear down a statue here and there. Why is it more palatable to dig their heels in, and insist on being actively bad people while endorsing other actively bad people?

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