Acronym Only cont’d

The head of the applicable business unit at Acronym Only sent me a private message on LinkedIn last week that is/was very interesting. They actually want to meet with me. That, in itself, was shocking. There was a couple of paragraphs of stuff in there that really surprised me. I have not responded yet. I wonder if they think that I’m ignoring them. I might be, to an extent. I’m not exactly sure how to respond.


11 thoughts on “Acronym Only cont’d

    1. I sensed more of an annoyed tone from the message, which is partially why I haven’t responded. I think they’re annoyed with me. haha


  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to get you to leave your company. That’s a smart move on their end – to go right to the source of success. Question: would you leave your current company to work for the competitor?

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    1. I don’t think they will. Not by the tone of the message. That being said, I know enough to never say never.

      Would I leave my current company? Yes. Would I leave my current company for acronym only? I don’t think so. It seems like more of a soul sucking, drain you of your happiness kind of environment to work in. Again though, I guess I should never say never.

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  2. Actually if they consider you to be the success of your present company, then they might want to pull any scheme to get you to leave the present company…even offer you a job, but the minute you officially quit they could cancel any job offer.

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  3. I dated a woman that did the marketing for a global company. She said it was like selling her soul. She moved to energy and somehow spinning yarns about oil spills was less evil.

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