Saturdaze – Rambling about nothing.

There’s a stipulation in my lease agreement that says the tenant (I) and all visiting parties are only to use entrances and exits to this house for entering and exiting the house. Now, I love a good excuse for defenestration as much as the next gal, but puhhhhlease… give me some credit. Anyone going out of or coming into my house through any other means than use of the door would be silly.

My landlord is an intelligent, Tesla driving, progressive, open-minded individual. Knowing what I know about him, this stipulation in my lease leads me to believe he might have had some specific issues related to people not using the door in the past. Which is weird. Though, people overall seem to be weird creatures and the stupidity people are capable of really doesn’t surprise me these days. So, I’m fine to sign the lease agreement stating that I, nor anyone else, will exit the house through anywhere other than the doors.

In other news, I had the inspection of my car done about 400 miles ago but the individuals who did the inspection never reset the notification so every time I turn my car on and off all I hear is beeping with the car screaming “INSPECTION DUE”. I have to go back to the dealership to get this notification reset. It won’t just allow me to reset it myself. So that’s annoying.

First world problems, I know.

Right now I am hiding in my bedroom, largely because it is the coolest room of the house. The lights are off and I’m watching a show called Scandal, which if you’ve never seen, I highly recommend. I didn’t get much done today. It was a lazy Saturday. I didn’t even clean my house. I’ve just been enjoying myself.

I love summer.

I love warm weather.

I love that the sun shines for so long each day.

I know that the heat can be bothersome to many, and pose serious health risks to people without shelter or adequate water who could likely suffer from heat stroke. I am not a huge advocate for single use plastic bottles but on days like these, I recommend them. For you. For friends. For strangers. There’s a few different charities here in the city who are accepting bottled-water packs as donations so they can hand them out to the homeless around the city. I reckon there’s arrangements like that in place all over, so if you’re curious about what you can do to help in times like these, consider looking into that? It’s something so small, but it could quite literally make a world of difference to donate a twelve pack of water to a shelter or community group in weather stretches like these.

And, of course, stay hydrated yourself. Drink twice as much water as you would normally drink. Your body needs it. I’m saying that even though I know it sounds like I’m lecturing.

Stay cool. (Literally)

11 thoughts on “Saturdaze – Rambling about nothing.

  1. I’m with you on the heat. It’s not that hot (yet) here in California, but I did go to the beach today and got sunburned (and probably a little dehydrated), due to foolishly not applying sunblock. The sun is great for vitamin D, especially after being starved of it due to COVID-19 and quarantine, but of course, it’s also important to stay protected from its burning rays. Moderation is key! Hope you enjoy your summer, V. 🙂


  2. I drank a gallon of water so I’m good for hydration. I never drank this much water in one day before. The long days has made me totally unproductive and sluggish. I don’t get much done in this heat. We don’t have AC either!

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  3. It’s quite warm in my part of the world.. keeping hydrated is a must…one sweats so much whenever out in the open..most time of the day is spent hiding inside the room..
    Stay blessed always


  4. “Defenestration” is such a wasted word. It really should mean something other than throwing someone out a window.

    So if people can only enter or exit through the doors, how does Santa get in and out? 🙂


  5. I get where your landlord is coming from….my 13 year old son refuses to use the door when he can go out his bedroom window. He also has bouts of only urinating outside. Granted he has some mental health issues but still….the rules seem so simple. Humans go through doors and urine goes in the toilet.


  6. It’s freezing here….(New Zealand). We’re in the grip of a polar blast that has brought heavy snow and ice to the south island, a smattering of snow to the hills of the north and rough seas/high tides have forced the evacuation of some south coast Wellington homes. Meantime I am snuggled by a log fire…with the cat.

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  7. Oh my god, I just came here because I saw in the news about your temperature records. To have broken them by almost 5 degrees for three days in a row is absolutely incredible, especially at such high temperatures. The swing you experience from winter is mind-boggling. And you don’t have air conditioning? How are you surviving? 😐 what’s the temperature there? The Canadian record is almost at 50C…


    1. It’s HOT.
      It’s so hot that I literally go outside and just sweat. I wear SPF 50 and I’m so white my skin is still sunburnt. lolololol pale people problems

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