Extreme weather in Calgary

So this ended the heat wave in Calgary. This isn’t my picture. It’s from Twitter. I can’t see who originally posted it, and it seems like 50 or so have posted it now, so I don’t have credits. Basically, Calgary went from the hottest temperatures ever recorded in Calgary’s history to flash flooding. This rain/hail mixture fell very fast, leaving several streets underwater in various parts of the city.

In other parts of the city there were massive hailstones that broke windows and damaged roofs/siding of houses and plenty of cars. Someone named Brandon shared this photo of the hail from the South end of the city. That’s a Canadian Quarter (25cents) in his hand

Posted by @HouckisPokisewx on Twitter

Here’s another example of why these hail stones were able to do so much damage. Not my photo.


There’s been some wild weather in Western Canada the past week or so.

11 thoughts on “Extreme weather in Calgary

  1. Oh man!! We just had crazy thunder and rain in Toronto this week and the heat is just oppressive! And lucky for me, our AC decided to crap out this week lol 🙄🤪


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