Lytton burns to the ground

Photo credit: The Canadian Press/Darryl Dyck

Just days after earning the record of having the highest temperature ever recorded in Canadian history, the tiny town of Lytton in the BC Interior has been burned up in a forest fire.

It’s estimated that the fire has burned up 90% of the town. The fire took over the town in what seemed like a matter of hours, but to the people in town, it probably felt like minutes. There’s some pretty amazing footage of people driving out of town. It was a grab the pets, grab the photos and get the hell out kind of scenario. Example:

There are people missing, though it has not been released how many (that could largely be because people could have evacuated to different places and it will take time to locate them). Let’s hope that as many people as possible made it out safely. Sadly, there have already been some lives declared as lost to the fire. Please keep them in your thoughts – those who lost pieces of their families and their lives and their homes. May everyone who’s currently unaccounted for be safe, somewhere in the province.

I grew up in British Columbia and have spent most of my life there. Forest fire season is no joke on a a regular year. I cannot imagine how dry those forests are after this recent heat wave. Forest fire season this year could be worse then ever before. Let’s hope it doesn’t get that way.

I actually have some photos of Lytton on this blog from two years back. It was a very cute little town. The kind of place where everyone knows everyone and it costs 50 cents for a rootbeer float. It was a special little town.

13 thoughts on “Lytton burns to the ground

  1. Devastating. How absolutely terrifying for those people. Not long ago it seemed as if the whole of Australia was on fire. Where does it end? I hope they find the missing people safe.

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  2. My first thought watching that video was how horrifying it would be, not knowing if you were driving straight into the fire or away from it. My second thought was, “No, Vee, this is clearly a ‘Grab the pets, grab the photos and livestream my escape’ type situation!”
    What a nerve wracking video!


  3. I just heard about this on the news this morning – so sad! I feel awful for those people and the loss of that community.
    We have had an awful fire season here in Arizona. Just coming back from picking up our son from his Boy Scouts camping trip yesterday (they did not have any campfires at all the whole week, which I completely agree with) we drove past a fire in the desert. Even with some much needed rain we got last night, that fire we saw is 0% contained and up to 9,800 acres. It started by a lighting strike on Wednesday.


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