I need to write a new resume.

I really don’t think that my current resume makes me sound as good as I am. It’s hard because everyone seems to have different opinions on what makes, or breaks, a resume.

I need to write a new resume.

I need to write a new cover letter.

Well, technically the cover letter gets changed with a job that I decide to apply for. But, I’d love to be able to write a base-letter that I’m proud of, that I can make small adjustments to when needed.

I need to up my game.

I don’t want to be stagnant in life. I want to be the best.

I want to be ready for the right position when the right position comes along.

I need a new resume. If I can negotiate six figure deals with foreign governments, I need my resume to reflect that… without breaking confidentiality. (Because if I read a vague statement like that on someone else’s resume, I probably wouldn’t believe it)

I’m definitely not quitting my job. I just… I just need to have something ready for when opportunity presents itself. Opportunity has been whispering lately and I want to be ready if something comes.

Right now, my resume likely makes me sound average at best.

26 thoughts on “I need to write a new resume.

    1. Well… I’m not stressed in that I’m in need of a new job. I’m just stressed in that I’m not sure how to properly present myself and EVERYONE has different opinions of what should be included.

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      1. Yeah…I was more thinking the whole capitalistic idea of selling yourself with a piece of paper and trying to optimise it to the limit…well, I fell out of love with that lol. If you could find some middle-ground where you update it every now and then, but not worry about whether it’s perfect, that’d be ideal. It’s your qualities and experiences which will sell you, not the specific wording.

        And on the differing opinions thing, yes that can be a problem, I found that! Too many cooks and all that… at some point you have to just trust yourself with all of the advice consolidated into intuition and personal preference, and stop taking advice. I had to reach that point with dating, too, which is kinda similar lol. But it’s sooo much better after that.

        After all, aren’t YOU the marketing expert here, and isn’t that the point of your whole CV? 😉


      1. I don’t think you need more confidence. We exploit ourselves for cash until we have enough then, for some reason it’s not enough.


  1. Make sure your resume touts your skills well without going over the top, but make sure your resume also has something unique about it like a ‘a lot of people don’t know I’ section with something like “once got hit my a moose while skiing.”
    Re the base letter I am sure you can make it good enough people won’t be able to tell. Many years ago when I got hired by an ad agency my boss, who wasn’t the brightest, boasted that ht hired me because my cover letter was unique and he ‘knew a unique one when he saw it.’ I did a ‘yeah… no’ and showed him the cover letter alongside another one I had sent out at the same time to a different company, then told him “you hired me because I’m damn good at writing.”

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      Your former boss threw you a compliment. He probably felt like you were special, which, btw, sounds like you were. Being a damn good writer does make you stand out!


  2. A couple of years ago I job hunted for the first time in five years. I job hunted because I was getting burnt out at my job from all the constant travel. Updating my resume, writing cover letters, summarizing my career highlights, and preparing answers for commonly asked interview questions was pretty daunting. I guess I did not bother looking around because I enjoyed that job at the time. I LOVE my current job now and I am two years into it. My job search more like if I come across that catches my eye, it’s a higher level position, and it’s closer to work then I would apply.

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      1. I love my job but it’s fairly far. I just had a baby. I am blessed I can take her to work everyday but I know I need to start looking for work somewhere closer when she’s about to be school age. I already started looking for it is a casual job hunt.


  3. If I were negotiating six-figure deals with foreign governments, I’m pretty sure that would be in every section of my resume. It was like the story a few years ago of a 23-year-old reporter winning a Pulitzer Prize. Someone asked “Where do you put that on a resume?” I answered, “Where DON’T you put that on a resume?” LOL

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  4. When I read this, I feel that the resume and cover letter is perhaps the tip of the iceberg. Underneath that, I personally get a sense of restlessness from what you are saying. Maybe some self-doubt?

    Writing a cover letter and resume in this limbo state you find yourself in, will be frustrating at best. You feel the opportunity whispering but without knowing for sure what the whisper is saying, how can you adapt accordingly? I have no doubt there is a wonderful core that is you that can be tweaked as needed but perhaps dwelling on it at this time is not ideal.

    Maybe this is the time to look inward. What is holding you back exactly? I hope I don’t seem too preachy. I’m certainly no expert but I just feel that this is more than trying to create a good resume and cover letter template.

    When I feel this kind of stagnant frustration, personally, I try to connect to my creative side. Let out all the junk. Poetry, music, screaming into a pillow lol and I also turn to nature and prayer but that’s just me. One thing I do know. When the time comes, you will know what to do 🙂 ❤

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