Will sell my soul for a comfy pair of Birkenstocks

You heard me.


They’re going to be my goal to get by the end of summer. They’re comfortable. They’re sustainable. They’re dang cute. They last forever.

I will get myself a pair before Labour Day.

Listen to me, this is the epitome of first-world privilege.

19 thoughts on “Will sell my soul for a comfy pair of Birkenstocks

    1. Ohhhhhhhhhh, you’ve lead such a sheltered life. Birkenstock is a sustainable shoe brand that uses renewable resources in the production and manufacturing of their shoes. Birkenstock sandals are token Canadian summer shoes. They’re just… the style around here. Because their shoes are made from renewable resources, they come with a lifetime warranty to get them fixed. It’s how the company tries to promote sustainability by insisting people get their shoes fixed, rather than replacing them. So, if your soles wear down over-time (which happens to a lot of shoes), Birkenstock wants to replace the soles, rather than having you purchase a whole new pair. I understand why their shoes are so expensive because I know the measures they take to try and make their company as sustainable and environmentally conscious as possible. I just get sticker shock when I think of spending that much. They’re amazing though. Completely worth it!


  1. I tried on a pair at the shoe store and didn’t find them all that comfortable, but I do agree that they are cute. You might have luck finding them discounted at an outlet store. Check out Cross Iron Mills if you can 🙂

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    1. Brand new, they’re not that comfy. That’s because you have to wear them in for a week or two so they fit your feet. The cork in the shoe will mould to the shape of your foot and they’re just extra comf. I like what your thinking about the outlets. I try to avoid CrossIron at all costs though. Too many people for me!

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      1. Cross Iron is really the way to go for deals! I totally understand why you’re avoiding that place. We go there often to window shop because it’s my husband’s favorite hobby. He’s the only guy I know who likes to window shop. We’re both fully vaccinated but I still feel iffy about being around crowds, and sanitize constantly. I counted 5 hand sanitizers in my purse LOL

        It was pretty “dead” in that mall until recently. Now is probably not the best time to go there. If anything, I’d avoid going there during their peak hours.


  2. I feel so proud to own a pair from this post .. Usually ppl make fun of me lol they are hard to break in, in that it hurts a lot lol until it doesn’t once it’s broken in 😉😅


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