Things I want to write about.

I’m writing this here, to hold myself accountable. I will make posts on the following subjects. If I don’t, kick my butt in gear. Remind me. Don’t let it go. (Not that anyone has that much investment in my opinions, lolololol I sound ridiculous)

  • Pretty privilege
  • Sad-fishing
  • People confusing cancel culture and accountability
  • Side effects of anxiety that people who don’t have anxiety often don’t realize
  • The dangers of influencers recommending after-pay to their audience
  • How every aspect of your digital footprint affects yours, and your company’s brand
  • Paying people what they’re worth and not downplaying the value they provide
  • The toxicity of ‘Girl Bosses’ and ‘Mom Bosses’
  • Things you should know before buying a car
  • Things you should know before buying a house
  • Why your blog doesn’t get the views you want it to get
  • Instagram is changing, will you need to change with it?
  • The sides of marketing that everyone seems to believe just magically happen
  • The importance of doing your own research for investing in stocks (to include crypto scams currently plaguing the web)
  • What is the VPC of your blog?

I have so many thoughts and ideas I want to share on this blog. I need more hours in the day.

Also, if you have thoughts on any of these subjects, please write a post and share it on your blog and tell me to come and read it. I like reading other’s opinions and seeing where people agree with me and where they don’t.

42 thoughts on “Things I want to write about.

    1. I’m noticing it more and more each day, it seems. Yesterday I saw a really large company using their company platform to sad-fish to over a million followers and I audibly gasped. It’s… being taken to extremes these days so it’s on my mind right now and it’ll probably bug me until I do get around to writing about it.

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    1. Sad fishing is when you’re sad and you get a fishing pole and go down to the nearest lake or river or watering hole and….

      I’m kidding.

      The practice of writing about one’s unhappiness or emotional problems on social media, especially in a vague way, in order to attract attention and sympathetic response.

      Sad fishing is different from genuinely having a crappy circumstance. Sad-fishing isn’t genuine. It’s when people are doing it specifically, and solely for attention. Token examples usually include influencers. But it can apply in every-day life as well. Back when I used Facebook, I noticed it a lot with Facebook friends. Honestly, I think Facebook is where it all started. Like “Oh my god, I can’t believe this happened, this is the worst day of my life.” People ask “What happened?” – Then they say something ridiculous like “Oh, my manicure was cancelled.” That is sad-fishing for attention.

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      1. Wow! Thanks for the info. I sorta liked the idea of heading off to the river for a brain break…lol
        It’s crazy what people will do for attention. It’s actually really frikken sad.
        I’ve always called them cryptics… Same idea. When facebook started those were huge. I now refuse to bite! Don’t leave a cryptic message of panic and then disappear. Idiots.
        I like the term “sad-fishing” cuz that’s exactly what it is.
        i’ll be watching for the post. Kick in ass hereby issued!

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  1. All very interesting topics and thank you for teaching me about sad-fishing!! I never knew there was a term for it. Definitely seen a lot of these going on lately! I am looking forward to your posts! 😊

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    1. Pretty privilege is a hot topic because of the things that women encounter on a daily basis. I’ve been wanting to talk about it for a while, just need to put my thoughts down.

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  2. I don’t actually know what several of these things are. Can’t wait!

    Incidentally, the thing you should know before buying a house is that, like myself, you are a millennial doomed to never OWN property. Such is life lol

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    1. Yeah, I’m not really sure that I’ll ever to be able to actually buy a home. Though, I’ve been learning a lot about finance this year, so I might as well spew it for those few of us out there who do have a decent paying job, live in the middle of nowhere where houses cost $100,000, or have rich relatives who’ll buy a house for them.

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      1. Um do you have any of those?

        I always figured I’d try to start with a generally inexpensive piece of land and then try to throw a ramshackle up there over the course of my lifetime. Though I’m still working on that first part, sadly.

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    1. I wish I could write them all in one sitting. Too much work! You should write some thoughts on them and maybe tell me to come look at your posts and that might kick my butt in gear.


    1. It helps – when you write all of your ideas down – not just so you don’t forget, but also to motivate yourself. At least I hope it’s motivational for me. Not sure yet.

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  3. I’m kind of happy I don’t know how to get views. I did a thing with HBO two years ago. I woke up the next day with 4,000 followers. All these DM’s. Then, I did this other thing. It doubled. So. I deleted everything. It felt like, I spent more time talking about them than, make stuff. I prefer just making stuff. If in the off chance someone likes it. Cool. I’m probably doing something else by now.

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    1. Not everyone wants views and likes and engagement, and I totally get that. There are a lot of people who read this blog, though, that really want attention and engagement and follows and likes and reads. I get ten-fifteen comments on every blog post of people trying to say “Check out my blog, please”. So, I figure, if people want views and engagement, I might as well offer some tips. Ya know?

      As for making things… I’m partial to bracelets. Do you make those?

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      1. I’m plains native. We do the Buckskin and beadwork. The Southwest here has some amazing metalsmiths. I like the Hopi more than the Navajo. If you ever make it down here…come on a feast day. These guys are old and aren’t on Etsy. They live on first or second Mesa. It’s a drive. I’d go with you. The food’s pretty good.

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      2. I think I avoid being liked because of the cultural boundaries and inherited stereotypes. Both, from within and in popular culture. I’m a high school team mascot not an aboriginal. I was just thinking about it. The why of not wanting to push the boundaries and hashtag “sciences.”


  4. These are the topics I am finding myself interested this daysss…hehe!
    I will try to flesh out some opinions over my blog too..let’s see how it goes…
    Reading “No one is talking about this” by Patricia L and “fake A/c” is something relatable to all the digital culture we are experiencing..
    I am about to read “beauty sick” ….

    I was so frustrated about that sad fishing part on insta ….that omg…I just wanted to take a break and sing songs in Turkish on my YouTube… hehe..

    During March n April of this year specifically here…social media purged out the intense stuff..which people and teens shall not all…
    Here I have seen lots of influenzas talking this n that….and creating a tapping streak….😂 About Maldives! To be precise

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    1. You should share your thoughts on them! Honestly, you provide such a unique perspective on things. I know you’ve not been on Instagram much lately (I used to always watch your stories and I haven’t seen any in a while!) but I always thought your stories were great. You should consider sharing about them.


    1. Please write your thoughts on them! Or share them to your blog! Or share them elsewhere. I love hearing other’s thoughts on things that I find interesting.

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  5. I understand this feeling. I have many topics I want to write about too, but not that much time in the day. I would like to see a post on the toxicity of “Girl Boss/Mom Boss.”

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    1. The whole girl boss/mom boss mantra has gotten so bad! That’s something that’s really irritating me. I’m all for feminism and women supporting women, but they’re definitely not. Anyways, I’ll save that rant for when I have time to put my thoughts together.

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  6. I’m looking forward to all of them. Fortunately, as a man who spends his entire life writing (at length) about absolutely nothing, my own list did not take long to assemble…


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