Thinkin’ about Vancouver

It’s been a long while since I’ve been home. (For context, I consider Vancouver to be home)

I’m thinking about going.

I’m double-vaxxed. And, since we don’t really know what’s going to happen with Delta Variant, or Lambda Variant, I feel like right now when cases are lowest they’ve been in over a year in western Canada, right now is the window. I feel like right now is the time that I should be taking advantage of.

There’s a long weekend coming up. I’m considering going. My friends are there are double vaxxed.

I should go, right? Take the long weekend and do a girls trip? Obviously it wouldn’t be a trip for them. They live in Vancouver. But, it would be a trip for me, and the three amigas could be reunited for the first time since summer of 2019.

I’m thinkin’ about Vancouver.

I am also thinking about Vegas, but that’ll have to be something farther into the future.

23 thoughts on “Thinkin’ about Vancouver

      1. OMG!! Friends, Family, and Familiarity. Those three things keep us sane! I just got back from Vancouver. I love to visit and it’s always nice to get back home. The thing is that the HWY 1 is so congested it’s awful. Be safe. Take pix.

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  1. Do it. You’re prepared but taking precautions is still a good idea. I was just in Dallas for work, and taking precautions will put you in rare air in Texas.

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    1. I have heard as much! I have a tentative work trip to Dallas/Houston at the beginning of October. Hopefully things only continue to improve, because Texas seems like a whole different world than what I’m used to.


      1. Each year my husband and I love discovering a small local town in our province we haven’t visited! It’s like a mini road trip! We booked it for mid-August and I’ve booked a spa for us, restaurant by the river, and checking out little antique shops in town! 🙂

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  2. There’s no place quite like home! Make the most of the opportunity and get back there for a few days. I doubt you will regret going, but there’s a high chance at some point in the future you’d regret it if you didn’t…

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      1. At this point, I’ve decided that the science deniers in America have made their bed. All I can do is watch a figurative Farrah Fawcett drop a match on it…and, yes, I know you’re probably too young to get that reference. Or I’m too old to know a more current appropriate reference. But it is so perfect for the relationship between ideologies in the states today.


  3. I would say go to Vancouver now, especially because I anticipate a spike in COVID cases once summer’s over…of course, though, stay safe while doing so! I’ve done a few short trips in California so far this year, and as long as you take precautions with masking up and not staying in crowds for too long, you should be fine. Safe travels, if it were to happen!


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