A YouTube channel where he slices shoes in half

On my lunch break today I found a YouTube channel in which a leatherworker slices shoes in half to teach people what their shoes are actually made of and the quality, or lackthereof, of the shoes people buy.

I don’t know why, but it’s one of the most satisfying things I’ve ever seen.

Slicing Adidas Superstars in half
Slicing real Birkenstocks and fake Birkenstocks in half to showcase the difference in quality
Slicing Timberland boots in half
Slicing Nike Jordans in half
Slicing Carhartt boots in half

Before you tell me that I’m weird, I would like to point out that you should already know that. I’ve had these videos playing, one after another, on my second screen, all afternoon. Why is it so satisfying to watch shoes be cut in half? I really don’t know. But, it makes me happy. It fills my heart with glee.

12 thoughts on “A YouTube channel where he slices shoes in half

    1. Haha! If you watch the rest of the video he goes into explanation on why he gives it the definition of being iconic. It’s more than 70 years old and hasn’t changed much in appearance in 70 years (a classic, I guess) and made history for being the first leather pair of basketball shoes used in the NBA

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      1. Oh they look so impractical. They actually wore them to play basketball?
        Oh I see…so this whole style of shoe is a holdover from 70 years ago when they were actually good/practical shoes for what they could manufacture. That makes more sense. I’ve always wondered why shoes like this exist, I thought they were purely some stupid fashion creation, like skinny jeans. Hell rain down on anybody who combines the two.


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