Letters to Anyone

Good Morning,

It’s been a while. Truth be told, I hadn’t realized how long. The past few posts that I made on this blog were written a while back and scheduled. The last time I actually sat down to write was on July 21st. That’s an uncharacteristically long break for me to take from this blog.

What’s been happening? Well, I got away for the long weekend. Remember when I said I was Thinkin’ about Vancouver and escaping for the long weekend? I did it. I got away. I walked myself into the airport and onto the plane and I left for the long weekend. It sounds like such a small thing in theory, but it was a really big moment for me. It took a lot for me to get on that plane. My anxiety was in overdrive, and where I would normally avoid situations that make me that uncomfortable, I did it anyway, and I’m really glad that I did. I had an amazing long weekend away from Alberta. For the first time in over a year, I just left the whole world behind. I didn’t pay attention to the news, I didn’t even phone my mom. (She was angry about that) I just enjoyed spending time with my friend.

Would I fly again any time soon? I don’t know. It made me really uncomfortable that we were in a sky-tin with recycled air and so many people just took their masks off because they really didn’t give a damn about anyone but themselves.

In other news, I’m presently in negotiations for getting a new car. It’s a pretty long story. Perhaps I’ll get there to share at some point, but not now. I’m looking forward to the prospect of some new wheels. BTW, when I say new car, I mean new to me. I am purchasing a pre-owned vehicle.

I’m also getting a new set of glasses this week. It’s the first time since 2015 that I have gotten a new pair, so I am hoping new spectacles with an updated prescription will help with my headaches. They were very expensive, so let’s also hope they last a couple of years at least.

Not much else is new around here.

Calgary is still smokey. The provincial government is still being idiotic about basically everything. BC is still burning. People are still denying climate change is real. An actual quote I heard in the grocery story was ‘Lightning didn’t start that fire, lightning is in the sky and it doesn’t touch the ground’. Speaking of grocery stories, food prices are on the rise and no one around here seems to be able to comprehend why. Droughts don’t make for ideal conditions to grow food, or feed cattle to ensure there’s food on the shelves of the grocery story. If it’s harder to produce the food, due to climate change, then the food is going to be more expensive on grocery store shelves, and we will continue to pay bigger bucks each trip to hear people who clearly can’t grasp the basic concepts of weather. Whew. That was a tangent.

Be kind people. Care about others. It shouldn’t have to happen to you for it to matter to you. And always remember, you cannot do all the good that this world needs, but this world does need all of the good that you can do.

16 thoughts on “Letters to Anyone

  1. Glad you went away for the rest and also to prove to yourself that you could overcome your anxiety. Well done! The climate change deniers are a bunch of no hopers. What needs to happen to make them believe? Same with the vaccine deniers. They all need to go live on another planet. We would be so much better off!
    Meanwhile…I agree….we each need to do what little we can because all those little bits add up. My philosophy is that the fortunate should help the less fortunate because it just is not true that the poor are where they are because they don’t try, or they don’t work hard. Equal opportunity? It does not exist, here or anywhere. Glad you’re back!

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  2. The pandemic affected our economy. It’s funny that people seem to think that everything is going to function the same way it did pre-pandemic. A lot of stores don’t have a lot of things. Furniture stores don’t have furniture in stock, wood supply is low etc.

    What’s even more concerning is that Alberta has given up on contact tracing. I just want to throw up my hands and say wtf. I’m mad at the government for being so lax about everything and pretending the problem doesn’t exist. Just because they aren’t counting anymore doesn’t make the issue go away. Even a baby is smarter than that.

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  3. Happy to hear you got your Vancouver trip in. Awesome. I haven’t flown yet and have fears about people taking off their masks and like you said…simple not giving a damn….ugh.. There’s an outbreak in Kelowna right now and they’ve told people to remask… It isn’t going to happen. Too much stress. Gonna stay home. sigh.

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    1. I’ve heard about the outbreak in the Okanagan. Truthfully, they’re smart telling Albertans to stay away. ALL of Alberta is an outbreak right now and no one in the government is willing to admit the decisions they’re making here in Alberta will affect the rest of Canada, especially BC. Albertans travel to BC all the freaking time. It’s only a matter of time before Alberta sends all of Canada into the fourth wave.

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  4. Right..a break is the biggest de- stresser. The story of people breaking COVID protocol at airport / in air is same across the world. Yes climate change is real, earlier we accept the better it is .
    Stay blessed always


  5. Sometimes the reset is very needed. I’m glad you did things despite being scared. It’s the best feeling to have those silent wins and a break from living inside of your head. Glad to see you back! Hoping to have my own comeback as the days pass.


  6. Hi! Good post and glad you overcame your anxiety. It is not easy.
    I like your last para very much:
    Be kind people. Care about others. It shouldn’t have to happen to you for it to matter to you. And always remember, you cannot do all the good that this world needs, but this world does need all of the good that you can do.
    Take care!


  7. Good for you pushing beyond anxiety and boundaries- it’s good to do especially if our dreams and goals require it. Good for the psyche- not only for pushing beyond your norms but also a change in scenery ignites creativity and sounded like it was good R and R too!


  8. Glad you took that risk!!!! Yea the filled to capacity flights, attacks on flight attendants and the surge of cases in Florida have me giving a big side eye to flying! I was looking forward to a quick 3 days cruise but 🤷🏾‍♀️I might just sit tight a bit longer.


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