Pictures of a dirty cup.

To those of you who wanted a picture of my blender cup, the cup that I whined about not being able to get the lid off this morning, here it is.

It’s now been a couple of days. Thankfully the lid has the spout on it so I could get soap into the cup to try and stop it from getting moldy. But, as you can see from the the part where the lid meets the bottle, it is looking pretty grimey. If I can’t get this off soon, I’m not sure what to do.

The part that’s difficult is that the lid twists in inside of the bottle, whereas tradition bottles see the lid twist around the outside of the bottle. It works great to stop leaks. But, apparently I got it twisted on too tight. I’m just not physically strong enough to get this lid off.

I doused it in boiling water today and left it to sit for a half hour. Sadly, that didn’t work.

I also tried throwing it in the freezer (though I know that was stupid because the soap expanded, essentially tightening the lid, and I knew that would happen but did it anyway) for three hours.

I can’t get it off.

Such a stupid problem to have. But hey, here I am.

34 thoughts on “Pictures of a dirty cup.

  1. I bet there’s a pair of channel lock pliers that would get you a good grip. Might leave a mark, but…🤷🏽‍♂️
    Otherwise, do you have any silicone potholders? Those also help with grippage.

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    1. ** Googles what the heck channel lock pliers are.

      I don’t really care about marks. I’ll get some pot-holders in the morning and see how that works. It’s so cute that you call them pot-holders. So Portlandian of you.

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      1. They’re called Oven-mits. I bought some today and ($6) and have yet to get the top off. The pliers look to be about $30, so at that rate I figure I might as well just throw the damn thing away.

        Here in Canada they’re oven-mits, it’s always pop, they are runners and not tennis shoes. 90% of people don’t even play tennis, why the fuck do people call them tennis shoes? Don’t even get me started with the bizarre things people call shopping carts. It’s a shopping cart. It’s always only a shopping cart.

        End afternoon rant about the weird names Americans give to things. lol

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      2. Lol. I am so glad you wrote this post! Look at all we’re learning! I think it’s funny you call them oven-mits, given your feelings about tennis shoes…which I wholeheartedly concur with. Now, tell me what you use for handling hot things on the stovetop? 🥸


      3. I use my oven mits. Mitts? Am I spelling that wrong? I guess it’s short for mittens…
        I mean 99% of things I put on my stovetop have handles, so I can grab the handle and not the hot pot/pan,etc…
        But, on the off chance that I do need it, I reach for my trust oven mits.

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      4. I’ve only ever heard them called pot-holders by Americans, or on American television shows. It’s like Fahrenheit. Ya’ll need to do things a little different than the rest of the English speaking world. hahah!

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    2. This was going to be my suggestion too! That would be my first attempt, but then I happen to have a pair of those. The problem is leverage, isn’t it. The pliers would be useful because you could grip both sides of the lid with them, or holding them vertically, grip both the spout and the place where the spout cap sits. A normal pair of pliers may even work with that method.

      Even just sticking something into the spout which allows you to get a better grip to rotate the lid may help.

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    1. Interesting suggestion. I hadn’t contemplated oil. I might have to try that tomorrow before I go to work and leave it to sit whilst I am at work. Perhaps the oil could loosen it up?

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  2. 2 options you may want to try –
    turn it upside down and gently tap it on the counter to try to break the ‘seal’ it has set.
    Submerge it in warm water for a couple minutes and then try to get it off.

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    1. Yeah, I did try the hot water. I think I’m just not physically strong enough.

      Good call on the seal. When I go to work in the morning I’ll test that out and see what happens! Thank you for the suggestion. I really appreciate it.

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    2. Tapping it on something hard (not my counter because I didn’t want to chip it) hasn’t worked. Still taking suggestions if you think of anything else.


  3. Best of luck getting this off. I wish I lived close enough to try my brute force (which isn’t very forceful). I once stacked two glass bowls inside each other and they stuck. I tried the boiling water and freezer too, but they’re stuck to this day. I’m reluctant to get rid of them because they’re good quality Pyrex but utterly useless. I know your pain. Wish I had a helpful comment to make.

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  4. I agree with breaking the seal…if you tap it gently (or bash it, like I would) then maybe squirt in some WD40 (very versatile stuff, every home should have some). I would also be trying to break the seal by prying a blunt knife (I would use a sharp one, but you will cut yourself!) between the two surfaces . Anything to break the seal.

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