10 Rich Person Behaviors That Poor People Get Judged For

I would love to talk about this subject, but Chelsea from the Financial Diet talks about it in a manner that is much better then I could ever do. I highly, highly, highly recommend watching this video.

4 thoughts on “10 Rich Person Behaviors That Poor People Get Judged For

  1. This is why my head spins on social issues.
    For instance, provided in a run-on sentence to get everyone’s head spinning: I love when I’m giving someone a ride to the airport (Lyft) to fly away for 10 days in Iceland – yes, this really happened – and they complain about the poverty we are driving through in the breath before complaining about how beers are $20 in Iceland bars or that they had to spend $150 on their pre-flight COVID tests…but that their return tests in Iceland are only $30. Like they only unfair thing in that sentence was the cost of recreational healthcare in America.

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    1. There are so many people in places of privilege, such as this gent jetting off to Iceland for shits and giggles, who just don’t recognize their hypocrisy when they’re offering it to the world. Reading your story of this person reminds me how much I hate people.

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  2. Good to hear someone speaking so clearly about the huge gap between rich and poor. My only argument would be on the subject of children. I understand what she says, but the fact is that the planet is massively over populated. Personally, if I was poor, I wouldn’t want to bring a child into that situation, but my view is simplistic and I never had maternal instincts anyway. Do you think there’s a chance society can change?

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    1. I think the children aspect has a lot to do with the maternal instinct.
      Do I think society can change? For the worse – absolutely. For the better – I’ve yet to see… I doubt it, though.


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