Things that make me anxious.

When I went to get my mail today (community mailboxes down the street) I noticed a collection of cigarette butts on the ground, a step down from my front porch.

Did one of my neighbours just decide to empty their ash tray directly in front of my house? Or was someone lurking outside of my house for an extended period of time last night?

Yeah, I’m probably going to worry about this when I go to sleep tonight.

I live alone. I don’t need anyone hanging out at my front door for extended periods of time.

28 thoughts on “Things that make me anxious.

  1. Oh my that would be bugging me all day. Maybe someone didn’t have anywhere to dump their car ashtray and your place was the closest? Or maybe neighborhood teenagers were playing a prank? Either way I would love to know if you ever find out. Have a great day ☺.

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    1. There weren’t any out there this morning. So, I’m telling myself it was just someone walking by who accidentally dumped them and decided they weren’t going to clean it up.

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  2. Well I would try to find out if they are and if so call the police. I once had two druggies camp on my doorstep . I was scared too but the police came and dealt with them. They just came in from the cold!

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    1. I didn’t call the police. I didn’t want to turn it into a thing until I knew it was a thing. I did, however, tell the landlord that I don’t smoke and that someone dumped cig butts at the bottom of the porch. I didn’t want the condo crew/landscapers to complain about our address. they’re picky around here…

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      1. Hopefully some slob just emptied their ash tray. The world is full of slobs. But as life has taught me, it’s a good practice to write things down and also to keep your wits about you, notice things that seem out of place. Not that I’m paranoid! I’ve been reading spy novels, but I have always been an observer. When you don’t talk much, that’s what you become. It doesn’t hurt. Stay safe!


  3. I have one of these looking out the front of the house:
    It’s both reassuring and very interesting to see what goes on…! And if something does happen you have evidence. Honestly really recommend it.
    I researched these a lot before buying mine and Eufy is great because you can either record to a microSD or upload to their cloud service which is cheap, or both. Not all brands give you that choice. They have loads to choose from, including doorbell cameras.
    There’s a surprising amount of cool features you use through the app, too— like you can auto-detect humans or animals, so if you wanted you could just monitor the animal nightlife lol.

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    1. I had no idea that cameras could be so cheap. I’ve seen the ring one and I’ve contemplated buying it so many times, but I’ve always turned myself away because of the price, and the price of the installation after. Thank you for sending this my way.

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    1. Normally this neighbourhood is so quiet and fine. It just seems so creepy and weird to see a bunch of cigarette butts outside my front door. It gave me the heeby jeebies for sure.

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  4. Get a big American flag and plant it in the front yard. With some cactus. Go to the thrift shop and find the biggest pair of stinky work boots you could find. Put them in a trash bag and leave them in the sun for a day. Put them by your front door. Buy a 12 pack of American beer and spill it all over your lawn not the IPA stuff with fruit in it and s—. Budweiser. Go back to the thrift store and find XXL shirts from mining and construction companies. Get them and hang them on the porch railing next to the dirty work boots. Or lay them on your couch or something by your door in case someone peeks inside. Then, get some eggs and let them rot and put one by your trashcan every night. In case someone is digging in there. Or. If you have a dog put the poop in a sack and just leave the sack by your trash or window.

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      1. No way! That’s the problem. We’re emulating a guy because…there’s no guy. Just a creepy guy like the X-Files “Cancer Man.” V. Get a Walmart shotgun and a few beers and just sit on your lawn and wait for him. It’s what we do in the desert. 24 inch baseball bats…kind of a backup.

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  5. I’m an old guy, and that would make me nervous. Set up a trail cam and see what it shows. Purchase a firearm and let the police know what you think is going on. It could be a random occourance, but then it’s best to be careful. Stay safe.


  6. A bear trap on the front porch would do the trick.

    In all seriousness, I’d definitely look into getting a security camera. Life’s too short to take the risk that you’re being stalked and have no idea about it.


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