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  1. I hope that you are feeling alright. Sending big Canadian Bear Hugs your way from Manitoba. Should not take too long to jump over to you I think I recall reading you are in Alberta. Please take all the time you need to get better. No relapses wanted. 🙂

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    1. I had symptoms that I didn’t realize were symptoms until after someone in my ‘circle’ tested positive. Because of the fact that I am vaccinated, I wasn’t considering that my symptoms could be different than that which I’ve been hearing the past year and a bit from unvaccinated folks, before the shots were made available. Does that make sense? Basically, what I’ve been told is that Delta presents vastly different in people who are vaccinated, versus those who are unvaccinated.

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      1. Makes total sense. And I’m glad you shared this on your blog because I think a lot of people might be in that same category of awareness. Knowing that someone who was so conscientious about their personal safety but still got COVID is hopefully an eye opener for others who are relaxing their own safety vigilance.

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  2. You’re way more cautious than I am which makes me worried about Delta. Especially if you can catch this thing, then we should really be taking this a lot more seriously than we have been. How did you catch it?

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      1. It’s impossible to avoid people, especially those I work with. I sanitize my hands 10000x per day and take vitamins/supplements. It’s a miracle I haven’t gotten sick yet [knock on wood].

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  3. How are you feeling today? I would like to ask you a few questions about this episode in your life, but only if you feel like talking about it. I really hope that your symptoms are mild. 🤗❤🙏

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