Take Note

Take note of who shows up for you, and who doesn’t.

Take note of who is there for you, and who isn’t.

Take note of who makes you feel as though you matter, and who doesn’t.

Take note of who steps up when you need them, and who has excuses.

Take note of who answers your calls when you phone them, even it’s 2:00 am. It really doesn’t matter the time, if talking to you is important to them, they will answer.

Take note of who wants you around. Not out of any sense of obligation, but rather, just because they realize it’s better to have you around then it is to be without you.

Take note of who celebrates your victories as though they’re their own. If you’re important to them then they’ll be happy for you, never jealous. They’ll also never try to make it about themselves.

Take note of who asks how you are and genuinely wants to hear the truth, good or bad.

Take note of who remembers. Whether it’s the little details, or the big, they’re going to remember because it’s as important to them as it is to you.

Take note of who makes the effort. Whether it’s for the littlest of moments, or the biggest, they will treat them all with the same importance, because it involves you, and that’s what matters to them, making the effort for you.

Take note of who is proud of you, and proud to be with you. They damn well better be proud to be with you.

Despite what some might say, it’s not a lot to expect people to treat you properly. Take note of who treats you properly. And, if you read anything on this list and take issue with it, perhaps you ought to be treating some people better. No one is perfect. But, if someone truly cares, they’ll show it. Not with grand gestures or sweeping displays of affection/admiration or praise, but in being there, in whatever way they can – through all of life’s moments.

41 thoughts on “Take Note

    1. There definitely are. I think it’s pretty common for everyone to have people who they can count on, who want to be in their lives, and then to have people who just… suck. They never live up, they never come through and whatnot. They make you appreciate the good people in your life so much more.

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  1. “Despite what some might say, it’s not a lot to expect people to treat you properly. Take note of who treats you properly.”

    This is so true. We hesitate to believe this and have conviction in it because the implication means cutting out a lot of people over time. It’s a shame. We can only take heart from the interactions and people which are positive and choose to focus on those.

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    1. I think people genuinely become afraid of cutting the toxicity because they’re cutting out a person. But the truth is, if all that person is bringing is toxicity, they’re not serving you and your life. What you say about the implication of cutting out a lot of people, it’s an understandable fear, but a fear that more people need to get over.

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      1. Yes indeed, it’s a huge and difficult thing to do. Easier though once you’ve attempted to stick it out and reached the end of your rope 😆. You get better at spotting it earlier though. I do have a thing where at a certain point something clicks in my mind and that’s that.


  2. Oh so true! A huge bouquet of expensive roses will not make up for the forgotten birthday. One of my pet peeves is being taken for granted. “Oh, ‘so and so’ will do that” or…”it’s OK that’s ‘so and so’, she won’t mind’”. That kind of thing. People these days are way too self-involved. I was just in hospital for 3 days and I would rather die than go there again….it was bad way back in 1971 but it’s become out-of-control bedlam. Nit the nurses or doctor’s fault. It’s the administrators, the managers (my favourite people) who know nothing of the work but make all the decisions about what must be done. It is unreasonable and seriously damaging for a person who is unwell! Do you know anything of hospitals in Canada? No one in the country seems to understand the concept of “QUIET”! OMG. Had to talk my way out early.

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      1. Last Thursday, I had a 9 am acupuncture appointment. With a bad case of indigestion, I cancelled at 8 am which I hated to do, but by 8.30 we were calling 911…first time ever. All day in ER then at 5 pm surgery to remove twisted colon. What ??? But I woke to find no bag dangling outside….we must be grateful…it was a possibility. And I did have a friend die of something very similar. So it was 3 days of HELL, but here I am at home. Just not very strong. Didn’t want you to be suffering alone! I hope you are feeling better?


  3. I take notice, and when someone delivers assistance without request, then it remains society’s responsibility to uncover why¿
    I will evacuate a situation to alleviate concern offensive messaging.
    A person that comes 100% of the time happy is not believable.

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  4. Have to take note who celebrates you wins & victories in this life. Also have to take note who the genuine people are in your life and have to make sure they’re happy for you. Being alert and who’s really in your corner is very important

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  5. Great post! The ideas remind me of an Albert Camus quote, “Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.” Thanks for posting!


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