Monday Motivation

I say this with love, because I have realized some truths
I am not intimidating, you are intimidated.
There’s a difference.

I don’t take up too much space,
you’re just used to people playing small.

My inner light is not too bright.
You’re just used to dimming your own.

I am not mean, nor aggressive.
I am honest and assertive,
and that makes you uncomfortable.

I do not make you uncomfortable.
My presence challenges your comfort.

All of that is yours.

I will not be less for you to feel better about yourself.

Credit – Maria Mila Vasquez on Instagram (Linked her profile where she posted the original video with these words)

23 thoughts on “Monday Motivation

      1. Some of this is going to be coming from a place of sexism isn’t it, like when people called/call women hysterical as a way of devaluing their opinions/perspectives. Gender-specific terms like ‘bitchy’ are just as bad, or gender-specific perceptions of personality traits. That’s only going to be more easily-fostered in a male-dominated working environment.
        When I worked in a male-dominated environment, I was explicitly praised for these traits and encouraged in them by the people most friendly with me. I rarely found people taking offence.

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  1. I am not too much or a handful,
    you’re just not used to meeting someone with such a bold personality.
    I am not too talkative or blabby,
    you are just not used to someone expressing themself so openly and sincerely.

    The above are things I constantly apologize for. Thank you for making me reconsider myself.

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  2. You’ve been veering towards verse and I find it interesting. I really love this one and “Take Note”. Their messages’re really simple and straight forward.
    PS. I have a collection I’d like you to read.

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