Work Opinions

My boss and I are butting heads this week.

She thinks that nice compliments are enough to keep me around.

I want a raise.

I don’t go to work in hope of nice compliments.

People in my city, working in my position at other companies are making $10,000 – $20,000 more than I am. The only reason I am not is because I haven’t found the right position yet.

Am I greedy? No. I know what my time is worth. If I wanted compliments and unwavering praise, I’d probably ask my nieces and nephews. I go to work to make money. Sorry to anyone who believes the naive notion that we all just do what we love and the pay is an added bonus. Here in reality, the pay is the priority and the added bonus is that I don’t completely hate my life while doing it.

I work to make money. I want to pay my bills. I want to hopefully travel again, eventually. I want to move. I want to buy a new computer (because this one is on the fritz). All of these things get accomplished by my working.

Compliments, while nice, are kind of just empty words if you’re not backing it up.

If you, as a boss, have enough money to spend $30,000 on a new “OPTIONAL” piece of software for your sales team, then you have enough money to pay your employees what they’re worth, you’re just choosing to not. And… if you’re choosing to not provide a raise, and instead opt for nice compliments, then those compliments are a tad hollow.

I know how much revenue that I, alone, generate for this company.

Am I entitled to a raise? No. No employees are, if the boss doesn’t want to provide it. That being said, if she truly believed even half of the words she’s said to me recently, then show me the money. I know that makes me sound cold, but I don’t care. I know what I’m worth, and it’s a lot more than empty praise.

34 thoughts on “Work Opinions

  1. I love all these people who say that there’s more to work than the money you make. Sure, I very much want to enjoy what I do, but I also want as much money as you’re willing to give me. It’s like those people who say they’ll keep working after they win a giant lottery; if that’s ever me (which it won’t, since I don’t buy tickets), you’ll never see me again!

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    1. Exactly. It doesn’t matter if you’re regular folk, or Jeff Bezos, you work to make money, to chase your passions. In my case, I want to travel to Africa. In Bezos case, he wants to travel to space. In your case, you want to fall off the face of the earth. lol

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  2. A lot of people should get pain a whole lot more, but you have a really good case in that you know how much business you generate for your company, so if they really value you and want you to stay….they need to show you some money. Capitalism doesn’t work for me. There needs to be a redistribution of wealth but the planet is so fucked up now, I’m not sure it would help. Our species are greedy, selfish bastards:(

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    1. Yes.
      Yes to all of this.
      I don’t know if a redistribution of wealth would work. But I do know that paying people what they deserve, versus hoarding it at the CEO level, is a good place to start.
      If I bring in seven figures of revenue for a company and they cannot offer me a raise, where is that money going? To the top.

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  3. Great post. Love it. Go get an offer from one of your competitors on the table (or bluff if you are really feeling gutsy) and watch her squirm as she begs to keep you. Sometimes a few lateral moves (within a given industry) can be life changing and very financially beneficial.

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  4. You don’t sound the least bit cold. You deserve to be paid fir the quality of your work and if your boss is complimenting you a lot she should back that up with the cashola. Back when I waited tables and we, servers, were complimented constantly on everything we got nervous cause it usually, but not always, meant we were getting a, “verbal tip.”

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    1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
      I spent my summers during university as a server. I remember that feeling when you just knew someone wasn’t going to leave you a tip and you busted your ass for over an hour to bring them everything and the best service.

      Servers are notoriously underpaid “because they get tips” which shouldn’t be a reason to underpay someone, but that’s a discussion for another day. People who don’t tip a server who’s busted their ass for you drives me crazy.

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  5. It seems like every couple of months one of our supervisors will ask for suggestions in staff meetings of ways that the powers that be could show appreciation for the work that we underlings do. My silent, internal answer is always, “Nothing says thank you like a larger paycheck.” I never say it out loud because I know it would be laughed away. Plus, I don’t want to get lumped in with the jackasses I work with who think they deserve a bonus for doing the bare minimum when it comes to turning in paperwork on time. No… turning in your paperwork when it’s due is your job. You want a bonus? Go above and beyond the job description. Ugh… I hate staff meetings…

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  6. On the contrary, I believe the idea of working our “dream job” and the money will come later is rather horseshit: no matter how much you love your job, it still is work, and it’s not as if you can choose not to work sometime and still expect to be paid (unless you’re earning passive income or taking paid holiday, but still…): there are times when you wake up in the morning and do not want to work at all, yet you have to in order to get your bread. Money is important: not to say you need to have loads of it, but enough to pay bills, have savings, and overall spend things on the pleasures in life, however you want to define it. Companies these days want to cut costs and not give raises, just because of stinginess. I hope you continue to fight your battle, V…and at least win something!

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  7. Totally agree, your work should be reflected in your salary and the sooner employers realise that, the better. We all like the odd compliment and confidence boost every now and then but it needs to come from a place of truth.
    Hope you’ll find an employer that truly values you.


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