It’s Election Day, Canada.

Go out and vote.

I worked the 2019 Election, checking voter registrations, and the BUSIEST hour of the day was the end of the day before polls were about to close.

If you are in line when polls close, they will let you vote. But you have to be in line.

Don’t show up five minutes late!

Get there before polls close.

Make your vote count.

9 thoughts on “It’s Election Day, Canada.

      1. Tbh I only voted to cancel out an opponent’s vote, rather than gain a point. I guess that’s what my husband was going for. He wanted to take a stance, if anything. Having a voice is better than not voting at all.

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    1. I don’t think it was a wasted election. Yeah, we got the same result. But, for two years now, the other parties have been using ‘You’re only in a minority, Canada clearly doesn’t want you’ as a threat against the current PM. Now that they’ve had their chance at being elected and have failed at doing such, the current PM can use that in his favour. They had their chance to plead their case with Canada and they lost. Sure, it’s a very similar result as 2019, but at the same time, we’re no strangers to minority governments in this country. There’s been at least 7 elections end that way that I can remember. So, it’s kind of like ‘JT, we’re going to give you the leadership role, but EO and JS are your accountability.’ And EO and JS have less of a ‘Canada doesn’t want you’ leg to stand on/argue with.

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      1. Interesting take that I definitely can’t argue with. I agree. Really it was the conservative who lost the election as opposed to anyone really “winning”. JT wanted control and power but Canada is saying imo that we need to keep him in check. trust is not 100 and others need stuff too. so yes, in that sense I get it. it still however seemed unnecessary at this particular time. I could’ve waited. But done and over. thank god. Hope all is we’ll in your world. BC is finally cooler….Happy first day of Fall. xo

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      2. I totally agree. JT didn’t win. JT was just told he can keep his job for now. EO lost, miserably. And he’s been a sore loser since it was announced. Really, he was a sore loser before the Conservatives lost. That’s why he was whining and so patronizing all campaign. He didn’t think he was going to win.
        I didn’t realize it was the first day of fall! Happy First Day of Fall to you as well!

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      3. Yup. Autumn Equinox…. My fave time of year.

        EO’s campaign sucked big time. We’re not gonna charge gst on Christmas gifts? OMG….Like, seriously? and the running shoes? ugh. Very poor campaign. Very whiney. the conservative party is split just like the repubs of usa. Need to rebrand with sensible platform to include climate etc.
        Phew…this is probably the most I’ve talked about politics in the last six months. lol…now come on jt, js, bq….lets’ get to it.

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