Texas mom makes news, again.

Here’s Kara Bell from April:

This is Kara Bell last week:

Thoughts? I have lots. The biggest thought that comes to my mind, though, is that the internet is forever.

15 thoughts on “Texas mom makes news, again.

  1. Yup. She’s a Christian.
    When I was watching that first video, I kept looking at the title – specifically “school board candidate” and wondering if she thought acting like a child was a prerequisite for the job.

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    1. I believe that mask mandate in school have been a tough topic and private schools are adding them as part of the school uniform. From what I read on TMZ, because TMZ is where I found this, the meeting was supposed to be about masking for their school district and she just said she’s grateful they don’t have the power to put a mask mandate on her kids


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