Thursday Thoughts & Social Media Tidbits

You know that feeling when you want to buy something but you don’t have any money? That’s me. I don’t even want anything too elaborate. I just want things. I definitely don’t need those things. It’s just frustrating when you want something and you cannot have it. Though, now that I’m typing this, I’m pretty sure that’s the definition of adulthood.

I’m presently looking at a job description for a position at Google. Do I think I’m good enough for the job? Hell yeah. Do I think that I have a chance at my resume even being read when it comes to a position for Google? I mean… I might have a better chance at winning the lottery. Part of me wants to apply anyway. I probably won’t apply, though. My self-confidence is bordering manic these days. Some days I’m great, and some days I really have to pick myself up off the floor just to get through the day. I think that comes with the instability that is life right now.

If you don’t care about social media growth, stop reading.


For those who haven’t figured this out yet – those people on Twitter who are consistently asking open ended questions on popular, or potentially divisive topics, or even downright stupid topics at times, they don’t care what your answers are. They really don’t. They couldn’t care less. If they asked “what’s your favourite food” and you responded with “motor oil” then the entire point of posting the question to start with has worked for them.

Twitter is not chronological. Twitter uses an algorithm to showcase your feed as a curated picture of all the accounts you’ve most recently reacted with, or most frequently reacted with. If you’ve ever wondered why you don’t see someone on your feed, it’s probably because you never bothered to interact with their Tweets.

The same can actually be said for Instagram as well. Though I’m sure their algorithms are written differently, they booth seek to serve the same purpose – they want to have the people you interact with most to appear closes to the top, or the beginning of your feed.

Where this is most applicable on Instagram is in two places:

  • On Instagram stories, there are people who post questions on their Instagram stories every single day. They’re Yes/No poll, or “Tell me a Secret, I won’t tell anyone” questions. It’s generic, stupid bullshit, and the entire purpose of it is to get you to interact with their story. As soon as you interact with their story, their story is going to appear at the front of the collections when you sign into your Instagram App each day.
  • On the Instagram feed, there are people who say “Comment down below [Insert Stupid Question/Comment/Subject here]” on every post. I’ve seen ‘Comment your favourite colour’ or ‘Do you pour the cereal before the milk?’ or ‘Tell me how to get organized’. Those people don’t give a fuck about what you could, or might respond with. They just want you to respond. When you respond, their feed posts will be closer to the top of the page, every time you sign onto the app.

Okay, this might possibly be an eye-opening moment. You’re thinking now about all of the people on your Instagram and Twitter feeds who ask questions constantly and you’re suddenly realizing what their game plan is!

You’ll notice this a lot with influencers, if you follow any. Other people who are specifically taught to do this are those who are a part of MLMs like BeachBody, Mary Kay, Arbonne, etc. But, lately, it has become big with coaches, therapists and anyone who’s really trying to start a small business or sell something, or people who just really like attention.

However it is being delivered to you, I hope that after reading this, if you didn’t before, you now understand there’s always an ulterior motive.

The algorithm is the ulterior motive.

I have a love/hate relationship with social media. I love social media because it’s one of the easiest ways to showcase a diverse collection of people, places, things, culture, and more. I hate social media because the people who excel in the algorithm are the least cultured, least original, least interesting of the group. 95% of these platforms are just people copying one another. The algorithm favours trends, and conventionally attractive people.

People think that Carlie Damilio is the most interested member of gen z right now, but the truth is, there’s likely 100 million other females just like her. I’m serious – they look like her, they dance like her, they talk like her, they probably walk like her. She caught an algorithm at the right moment in time, and now she’s taking advantage. She’s not special. And I don’t mean that in a disparaging way, I just mean that she’s really not original. She makes millions upon millions of dollars because she purchases virtual dance trends to Tik Tok.

I imagine it is something she’s aware of. I imagine it is something that everyone who’s hit bit in the algorithm is aware of at this point. They’re just taking advantage of their fifteen minutes while it lasts. Because there is nothing sustainable about a career based solely on social media. Instagram in the past 6 months has changed more than it did in it’s first four years of existence.

I kind of want to talk about what an epic failure ClubHouse has become, but that might need to be another story for another day. It had so much promise and they just fucked it up, royally. The fact that some people reading this are asking what ClubHouse is, that’s exactly the point as to had badly they screwed up.

Social media has to be one tool of many. Whether you’re running a business account or you’re just posting photos for fun, whether you’re a writer trying to get noticed, or someone who just likes to rant about politics (me!), social media cannot be your only outlet.

If you’re reading this because you have a blog, make sure you update that blog regularly. Your blog can and will be a far greater resource then anything you could garner on any social media platform.

My favourite platforms on the web:

  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • WordPress

LinkedIn promotes based off what people enjoy/appreciate, not specific to you. Pinterest promotes on what people enjoy/appreciate, not specific to you. On both I find there’s a much more diverse inclusion of content displayed and made popular. It’s very easy to create an echo chamber of voices that think like you, talk like you and agree with you on Twitter and Instagram, and that really isn’t the case on LinkedIn and Pinterest.

As for WordPress, I just think it’s a simple, intuitive platform for the hobby bloggers, and it also an affordable, customizable platform for all of the serious bloggers, and everyone in between. It was a platform built with everyone in mind, if that makes sense.

I’m rambling a lot.

There’s a really expensive pair of pants that I want to purchase. I don’t need them, but I want them. Should I do it? I don’t think I should. I’ve never spent that much on a pair of pants before. (I bet you didn’t expect this post to end with me talking about expensive pants)

36 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts & Social Media Tidbits

  1. I stopped reading 😂. Thanks for the warning!
    No honestly I’ve been there with having relatively good income and finding things to buy. I’ve also been in situations with no money and been fine with not buying anything. Ultimately I’m happiest with not buying anything and hated myself for buying things I didn’t need, but having the urge to buy things just because you can is definitely a symptom of some kind of mental health issue like anxiety/depression. So, it would be understandable in that context that you’re having the urge, but if that’s the cause it’s better to find something else to replace that, like a hobby. It’s much better to buy things which allow you do to satisfying activities— such as a musical instrument which only needs buying once and gives you an entire, limitless hobby. Something like that.
    Alternatively, I’d focus on the getting a dog idea!! You’ll need money for that, and plenty of research to do beforehand, whether you ultimately go through with it or not :). You could potentially include considering moving house if your house isn’t appropriate.
    Having a pro-active spending plan is also a satisfying thing. I’m using Monzo digital bank and it’s really easy to keep track of what I spend and set limits.

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      1. I know what you mean. And i know my anxiety is high, and I know that when my anxiety is high, I get the urge to spend. When my anxiety is manageable, spending is less of a priority to me.

        Also, moving will happen eventually. It needs to be right, though.

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    1. I have money for the dog set aside in a separate account. I have since last November. I’m just waiting for a small creature to come along. I don’t want to purchase a dog from a breeder, so I apply with shelters when I see they’ve got smaller dogs. I did I apply for a weiner dog and a chihuahua in 2021 but lost out both times to families that had kids. Which I can definitely understand. A whole family is a whole lot of love for a dog who needs it when he/she has had circumstances in life that wound them up in a shelter.

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    1. Clubhouse was supposed to be ‘Next’ but they kind of crapped out on everything.
      Discords are going to get bigger and bigger in the next few years. They’re so convenient and they offer a little bit of everything with respect to content sharing. So I think we’ll see them take over sooner, rather than later.


  2. Does WP count as social media? I ask questions because I like reader engagement, and the comments section is more fun than talking to a wall lol As for other social media platforms, I don’t really use them. Life has become a lot more colorful without FB, IG etc. I quit only because it was interfering with some of my goals.

    It makes sense that influencers would use these tactics to boost engagement and to make the algorithm favor their posts. If it wasn’t for the algorithm, would people keep doing this? Lots of people will do anything for money. Even if it means spamming the newsfeed for views, annoying their followers by posting obnoxious content, or posting shallow convo starters in exchange for an emoji or two.

    Yes, I put cereal in my bowl before I add milk. Some people add ice cubes too. Ice cubes just sound weird to me but Oprah says it’s good. And a lot of people listen to Oprah. The power of persuasion is powerful when paired with a celebrity and/or social media influencer.

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    1. WordPress can count as social media depending on how you use it. Some people use it as a store. Some people use it as a business website. Some people use it for social interaction. It all depends on how you use it.

      If it wasn’t for the algorithm manipulation, most influencers would be broke. I mean, there would still be influencers, just like…. 1/10th the amount.

      Ice cubes in cereal? That’s weird.

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    1. I’m glad to hear that you’re recovering from your crisis. I feel like I’ve been there before, so I get that.

      And thank you for the compliment.


  3. I love you social media and blogging advice post they are so helpful. How do you know all this stuff? I never know how to find this stuff out.

    Buying things we don’t need. You are very good in controlling yourself. Well done for saving money

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    1. People who work with social media and digital marketing have to have a deep understanding of how the platforms operate. And they often don’t bother sharing with people who don’t work in social media and digital marketing. There’s kind of an unsaid ‘figure it out for yourself’ mentality going on. I don’t love it. So I try to share tidbits with people whenever I can.

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  4. Whoops… did my message encourage you to apply? I still stand (well, sit because I can’t really stand by myself…) by what I said though! There are quite a few people on Instagram that I think have been swallowed into the black hole of doing it for the money and it’s cringey to watch. It’s hard to tell who is genuine and who isn’t anymore.

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  5. Yes, the struggles of wanting things, but knowing full well that you really don’t need them…my weakness is food, and as I’m trying to avoid going out so much to restaurants/am lazy at home, I tend to use GrubHub a bit too much to purchase my meals: given the added service/delivery fees, tips, etc, I sometimes end up paying DOUBLE of what the meal actually cost!

    As for social media, it really is true that the algorithm isn’t all that great, especially for smaller creators out there (unless they have timing on their side, and end up going viral). Not all for influencers (especially those in the expat/travel community, many of which I follow) who give the dreamy, rose-tinted version of travel, or selling the pipeline dream of being a successful digital nomad: these travel influencers need to know that they just got extremely lucky and most likely had the privilege of support from family to make it big…but not everyone can be like them!

    I don’t use LinkedIn all that much, and the times I’ve used it, I personally have found it to be somewhat of the joke. It has become a “Facebook for Professionals,” in which we’re highlighting how long we’ve worked at X company, the number of connections we have, etc. And the recruiters on there suck, especially back when I was unemployed and was looking for a job. That’s just me, though…

    Overall, good thoughts to get my mind going!


  6. Buy the pants! Buy them when you’re having a really good day. Wear them on a good day and then you’ll never have regrets. I say never but I’m sure we both know that they’ll be there. But buy the pants.


  7. I’m not on Twitter but love Instagram, mostly because I just post stupid pics every now and then without trying to game the algorithm or get sucked into Reels for hours. It’s ironic because the whole reason I made an account was to promote my blog, but totally ignorant about how you go about it. It seems you’re doing good though. Do you have any posts about blogging and promoting with Insta? If not, I’d love to hear your thoughts on that!

    And obviously BUY THE PANTS! 😄


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