I need a new computer

Guys, I’m in desperate need of a new computer.

I continue to be approached by people looking to hire me for consulting work and my current setup just isn’t cutting it.

The computer that I’m typing this message on is from 2013. It’s a Lenovo, and it’s a beast. I love it dearly, but it’s getting to that point in a computer’s life in which it cannot function properly anymore. It doesn’t deal well with bluetooth, or two factor authentication, etc…

I have a computer that I have been trying to use for design work, but it’s not powerful enough. I need a bigger hard drive, I need more processing power. I need more from it.

I don’t want to spend obscene amounts of money on a computer. But also, if I did buy a real quality computer that I could use for eight years, like I’ve used this one, I could probably make my money back ten-fold.


It’s so hard.

I don’t know what computer to buy.

I also don’t wan to spend this much money on a computer so close to Christmas.

Tips? Suggestions?

Thank you

25 thoughts on “I need a new computer

    1. My current computer was purchased in 2012. It’s been a good workhorse for me, and I’ve upgraded it many times. But at this point, to keep up with 2021 technology, I would need a whole system. This system just isn’t able to be upgrade. Sadly 😦
      I love this computer. It’s been so good to me for so many years!

      (Also – external hard drive is a great piece of advice! I have four. lol. I work with BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG files)

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  1. My friend goes with a computer that’s been out a while as they tend to offer better deals once a computer has been on the market for 6 months to a year. Check with the computer stores in your area and online as you can usually get a good deal.

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    1. That’s actually really good advice. A friend of mine told me the newest Macbooks are coming out soon, and when that happens, I could buy the “old” version for much cheaper, so I should wait. I don’t know if I can wait though. I guess we’ll have to see what I can find.


  2. Well a computer is definitely worth investing in for you. Here you can claim tax back for business expenses on self employed work, is there a similar thing there?
    Sometimes you can find new older versions of electronic stuff which are much cheaper, like on eBay. Tech is outdating much slower these days.
    Or find some payment plan that splits it over a few months.

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      1. I do.
        I don’t particularly think it’s important for me to explain my budgeting publicly on the internet. But since we talked about it with the dog situation, and since we’re talking about it now, just know, I put money aside for things I need/want or for rainy days.
        If I ever complain about not having money for stuff, that’s like… things I consider frivolous purchases. Does this make sense?

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    1. I would be able to with my taxes next year, yes. I think I’m going to get my friend who’s a student to purchase me a computer so he can use his student discount. I want a real workhorse, something I can depend on for years.
      As for payment plans, that’s a big ole no go for me. I hate making payments. I need to buy it outright.

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      1. Haha, nice :). Get him to use his discount then sell it on ebay. Buy it off him, and use your tax discount 😈. I’m just kidding.

        Yeah I’m totally the same actually on payment plans or monthly subscriptions. I recently paid for a car MOT/service over 3 months which was helpful, but very rare for me. I wouldn’t do a payment plan for any longer than that. Paying outright makes so much sense. I also don’t do debts in general.


  3. What a coincidence! I recently was in need of a new laptop, as the one I was using is over five years old and slowing down considerably (i.e. low battery/storage life). I got Asus, which is way too fancy for me (e.g. facial recognition to sign in?? Touch screen with options??), but so far, I’m loving just how freaking fast it is. I can get work down faster now! Hope you find a good one to last you years. 🙂

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  4. I’ve no idea. My computer’s from 2011-12 and I’m still hoping to wring a year or two more out of it. My sister just got a new fancy mac that she really likes, but otherwise I’ve no suggestions. I wish you luck!

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  5. Bought within the first decade of the 21 century, with a weigh-in at 15 lbs, a gateway gaming laptop with large RAM storage. $2000; I am unsure what I paid, but gud condition, and it has proven the ability to withstand an active lifestyle. In that I remain active, but when I must send email, or pay the monthly invoice do I rely on n Greta. When I was at the university that doubled as a community college mAh peers would break bad with a tablet or laptop they seem to have removed from a back pocket; whereas I would struggle, but 17″ screen.

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  6. Hello V, I don’t have any particular brand in mind, but two things to consider. 1.) If you are going with a Windows platform, Version 11 is coming out, soon, they say, so you might get a price break on current models with Version 10 as they clear the inventory. But if you get a V10 machine, make sure you can upgrade it to V11. 2.) Everything is shifting into the cloud, with cloud based-applications, so that should be a major consideration, if not now, then soon. Good luck!


  7. My suggestion is that whatever brand of computer you purchase, purchase with considering your future requirements and technology. Purchase a computer with the latest configuration and specifications so that it runs long and it works efficiently. I know that technology keeps evolving and computers can be outdated, but if you are spending money on something, it should be worth it. Yes, it will cost more, but it will be value for money. Don’t fall for a second-hand computer as there is no guarantee when it stops working. Buy a computer with a fast processor as the processor is the brain of the computer and all the processing depends on it. If you work a lot in graphics then its processor should be a fast one.


  8. I’m in a somewhat similar situation as my Chromebook will no longer get updates. Do I replace it or look into a tablet? But that same money could be spent on wine and eclairs in Paris. Decisions, decisions.


  9. V, not sure you have heard that Microsoft is releasing a new version of Windows, “Windows 11”. If you can hold out a little longer computers running Windows 10 will go on sale. Windows 10 is not that old and you could possibly find one on sale.
    When it comes to design it is Apple that wins the prize. I know many journalists and designers and all of them use an Apple/Mac computer. Newspaper rooms use Apple/Mac almost exclusively.
    Just my thoughts on this V.


  10. I recently upgraded my system so as to be ready for Windows 11, replacing my desktop with a Lenovo Ideapad and a docking station which I connect to two monitors and four hard drives. My son works with computers in England and is my go to person for suggestions. My go to computer shop here in Edmonton is Memory Express, have dealt with them for many years and have found them to be very knowledgeable.

    I do enjoy your blogs, have been catching up on reading them.


  11. I actually had a 5 year old Lenovo that I would use as my primary and only computer although the hard drive took a dump. So, since I’m in the Apple ecosystem with my phone, I went back to a Mac, and I love it. Build quality and little tiny details of sharing content from the phone to laptop is where it shines. It also only starts at $1k and is one of the best laptops on the market due to Apples new chip.


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