I did something really dumb.

So, I’m getting ready for a lil thanksgiving trip.

Fam’s vaccinated. I’m vaccinated. It’s only going to be the couple of us. Anyways, besides the point.

My landlord will be coming here while I’m away. He’s going to do some things around the house – change the furnace filter, change the fridge filter, and inspect the washing machine. (Apparently, you’re supposed to check it to make sure its warranty gets maintained)

Anyways, I obviously didn’t want to leave the house a messy hell-hole for when he actually comes here. He doesn’t come here often, so I want him to know I’m looking after the place.

Last night I decided I could, instead of hand-washing, throw the rug from my front door in the washing machine.


The little grippy plasticy bits on the bottom came off in 50,000,000,000 tiny little pieces, got wet and sat in my washing machine like a pile of sand.

There was so much of it that the filter in the washing machine filled, overfilled, and started emptying onto the floor.

It was a mess.

It still is a mess. I’m still cleaning it up today.

Instead of washing my rug by hand, I’m now washing every towel and face cloth in my house by hand, because I put them all under the washer to clean the water/sandy/plasticy mess that was coming out. I obviously can’t put all that plasticy/sandy shit back in the washer, because that’s what lead to this shit in the first place

So I’m washing everything in my bath tub. And once it’s mostly clean, putting it in my washer for a deep clean.


Don’t be like me.

27 thoughts on “I did something really dumb.

  1. Well you see, that’s how we all learn. Everyone has done something like that one time or another. Was the rug old? Usually they don’t fall apart that easily. I probably would have done the same thing. It’s just a real pain to clear up and make sure the landlord doesn’t find out!

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    1. It’s not old. I just reckon it’s probably cheap. I didn’t buy it. The plasticy grippy part on the bottom just cruuuuuuuuuumbled in the washer. I guess that’s why they say you shouldn’t wash them. Which, I definitely googled, after I did it last night.

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  2. It’s aaaall experience! Now you’ve learnt an important lesson: instead of washing the rug in the washing machine, buy a new one on Amazon, it’s less dangerous and time-consuming 😂

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    1. I probably would just wash it in the bath tub and then wash the bath tub. I’m not huge on buying things new when I have something still working great. That being said, I totally get your point!!! Experience keeps us from making mistakes twice.

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  3. Ohhh nooo! I’m guessing there’s no launderette nearby you could just take everything to, to save you washing it all by hand? (After you’ve shook every piece out over a bin or something, I guess…..)


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